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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Employees and Faculty Needs

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During discussions held with representatives of the employee locals, the amount of parking did not seem to be an issue. It was revealed that most employees who have purple permits arrive early enough that they can generally get parking relatively close to where they work. Those employees who do arrive later due to their work schedule tend to purchase the gold permits, which provides them a parking space. As we noted previously, designation of more green permits in Lot 16 could be detrimental to purple permit holders, as fewer would be available. As one group is accommodated, another could be affected unless additional parking is provided.

However, one concern was voiced by the faculty representatives because of the more sporadic nature of faculty times on campus. They may arrive later to teach scheduled classes and leave and return to campus as needed. While they may be able to find a purple permit space initially, this could be more difficult if they leave and return later for other classes, office hour's etc. Without providing a surplus of general permit spaces so that these returning faculty members could find a convenient parking space there would be little recourse but to either purchase a gold permit or park in available general permit spaces wherever they may be. However, there is also the legitimate concern voiced to us what does the faculty member do who has a large amount of books or other material to carry. It would not be realistic to expect faculty to travel significant distances across campus with such material. Often, what is needed is the ability to park for a very short time in order to drop off their material after which slightly more distant parking would not be a problem. The situation now however is a lack of such short-term parking availability. The existing meters that could be very convenient are often filled and with the 40-minute time limit the wait for an open space could be excessive given the faculty members time constraints.