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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Parking Enforcement Discussion

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The Parking and Traffic Department provides a valuable service to insure the integrity of the parking permit system on the Minnesota State University - Mankato Campus. Without a high level of enforcement the value of on-campus parking permits would be severely reduced. Enforcement that is sporadic is perceived as unfair and capricious. This is not the case with enforcement on the MSU campus with a very high level of enforcement and a very equitable application of the parking rules and policies. Information provided by the parking and traffic department, for the most recent year available (FY99) showed a total of 19,359 citations issued. Weighted toward a 9-month academic year (excluding the summer session) would result in an average of about 2,000 citations issued per month. Due to the various policies in place to dismiss tickets including the appeal process, a two warning policy, departmental dismissals etc. the net number of citations for this period totaled 17,453. Total revenue received for the net citations totaled $148,695 or an average of $8.52 per net citation.

As just alluded to, those patrons who do feel that they have been wrongly cited are afforded the opportunity to appeal their citations. There is also in place a policy of forgiving the first two instances of an improperly displayed permit. Most spaces, with the exception of the gravel lots, are clearly marked although this of course could be problematic during the winter months with snow. Analysis of the appeals for Fall Semester 2000 showed 543 total citations appealed. The majority of these (178) were for improperly displaying the parking permit. The next highest group was appealing for parking in the wrong lot for the specified permit. Lesser number of other infractions were appealed for improper parking etc.

In summary, in our opinion the application of the parking rules and enforcement is done at a very high and professional level. Obviously the provision of parking enforcement is a necessary evil to insure the integrity of the parking spaces for those individuals who do choose to abide by the rules against those who do not.