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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Parking Management Model Discussion

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The present organization of the management of parking at MSU consists of three separate groups. Policies and procedures are the focus of the parking advisory committee, enforcement is the role of the parking and traffic services office and campus security and citation appeals the responsibility of an independent parking appeals board. It has been Rich and Associates' experience that this type of organization is actually quite common. We have seen Parking Advisory committees with members selected by the University president. The enforcement of the parking rules and regulations are within the purview of either a campus parking office or campus security or police force. We have also seen variants of the parking appeals board with separate members and numbers of "judges" to either uphold or dismiss the parking citation. Rich and Associates concurs with this type of organization as it very effectively offers a system of checks and balances without any one individual or organization having supreme authority.

Given the numerous organizations with parking concerns on a college or university campus including on-campus residents, commuting students, faculty and staff organizations, athletics, performing arts etc. it is clear that many constituents have particular needs and issues related to parking. The system of three "separate" entities would, in our opinion, seek to consider these issues both separately to hear their concerns but to be able to act within the constraints of having to serve the greater good of the college or university community.