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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Union

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Phase 1: Food Service and Dining Remodel

  • Demolition of existing servery
  • Demolition of existing conference rooms adjacent Wigley Hall
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Demolition of existing loading dock
  • Mechanical remodel
  • Construction of new loading dock and kitchen expansion
  • Remodeling of existing kitchen
  • Remodeling and refurbishing of dining

Possible Timetable:

  • Begin Design September 2002
  • Begin Construction April 2003
  • Complete Construction October 2003

Phase 2: New South Entry and Courtyard

  • Removal of existing south stair tower
  • Removal and relocation of existing electrical transformer
  • Removal of existing concrete retaining wall: entire south and east sides, and one-half of west side
  • Regarding from existing courtyard to existing sidewalk
  • Construction of new stair tower with glazed "lantern"
  • Construction of new entrance vestibule/reception area
  • Construction of new retaining walls with landscaping and new court yard surfacing (concrete paves)
  • Construction of new curtain wall from lower level to new roof
  • Construction of new stair to lower level
  • Removal of existing exterior glazing and mechanical
  • Construction of new balcony to existing dining overlook to Lower level
  • Asbestos abatement

Possible Timetable:

  • Begin Design January 2002
  • Begin Construction May 2002
  • Complete Construction January 2003

Phase 3: Lower Level Remodel

  • Demolition of existing offices at northeast corner of lower level
  • Demolition of existing Indigo Lounge
  • Demolition of existing TV lounge and adjacent conference rooms/offices
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Construction of new floor with computer lines at old Indigo
  • Relocation of Computer lab at Main level to Lower Level
  • Demolition of former computer lab at Main
  • Remodeling and refurbishing of new lounge space at Main Level
  • Remodeling and refurbishing of Lower Level TV Lounge
  • Construction of new restrooms at former table tennis on Lower Level
  • Construction of new kitchen and gill/bakery areas on Lower Level
  • Construction of "airport concourse style" storefronts at new convenience store/retail mall rentable spaces
  • Construction of enclosed dining/rental space at former east section of existing billiards
  • Construction of tunnel connection to library

Possible Timetable:

  • Begin Design: September 2003
  • Begin Construction: April 2004
  • Complete Construction: December 2004

Phase 4: Upper Level Office Addition and Remodel

  • Demolition of roof to west of existing offices at Upper Level
  • Construction of exterior envelope on existing roof
  • Demolition of existing offices
  • Remodeling and furnishing of both existing and new office space

Possible Timetable:

  • Begin Design: September 2004
  • Begin Construction: April 2005
  • Complete Construction: October 2005

Phase 5: Upper Level Ballroom/Conference Center Remodel

  • Asbestos abatement
  • Demolition of existing offices at northeast side of Upper Level
  • Demolition of existing restrooms at southeast corner of Upper Level
  • Demolition of existing ballroom entry and operable room partitions
  • Demolition of existing conference rooms
  • Construction of new conference room with operable partitions at Northeast side of Upper Level
  • Construction of new ADA compliant restrooms to east of ballroom of Upper Level
  • Restructuring of ballroom roof
  • Construction of new egress stair towers at southwest and north east of ballroom areas down to grade
  • Construction of new entrance at northeast corner of Main Level
  • Refinishing and refurbishing of new ballroom and serving areas.

Possible Timetable:

  • Begin Design: September 2005
  • Begin Construction: April 2006
  • Complete Construction: October 2007
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