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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Comments on Parking and Traffic

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  1. I wish I had some brilliant solution to offer for the growing traffic congestion on Stadium Road. Unfortunately, I don't! As more and more houses, condos, and apartments are built along Stadium Road and nearby areas, the traffic is only going to get worse. Adding more on-campus student housing along Stadium seems like adding fuel to the fire. Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall seeing anything in the Master Plan to address this.
  2. Pedestrian crossing issues in the vicinity of Stadium and Ellis - tunnel or pedestrian bridge?
  3. How about a walkbridge over Stadium Rd to Gage from the parking ramp?
  4. Moves discussion to pedestrian vs. automobile campus.
  5. Notes that feedback indicates that people want lots of green space but also want to park right by their door. The Planner suggested that perhaps there should be no street parking. Dave Cowan notes that we have a graying faculty and staff, and may require closer parking. VP for Student notes that folks may not mind walking so much if we all park far away.
  6. Notes that rerouting traffic is expensive. Chuck Cantale notes that a parking garage/ramp is not in the plan. The Planner replies that a parking garage is expensive.
  7. Also member of campus parking advisory committee. Need to look at cars/parking on campus and whether we can configure a perimeter plan? Do we want cars on campus? What about mass transit implications?
  8. With the increased traffic, especially on Warren Street, there's an impact on the neighborhoods. MSU needs to pay attention to the surrounding areas and give more thought to traffic patterns for city residents. Someone needs to be responsible for informing the neighborhood residents of possible changes. Right now they feel they're informed "after the fact." Dr. Davenport responded that MSU will deepen the level of contact with city officials on the traffic and safety issues.
  9. Am interested in road plans, traffic flow and over all parking. Dr. Healey said a town hall meeting for the neighborhood around MSU will be set up with city manager Pat Hentges.
  10. During this afternoon's Campus Master Plan meeting the issue of on-street parking stalls surfaced. What follows is an email developed last spring for H. Dean Trauger which highlighted where the on-street curbside parking is now located and the revenue it brings in to the Parking Program's self-sustaining fund. The $55,812 revenue figure estimate represents 8.3% of the $669,521 brought in permit sales for last fiscal year. Taking both curbsides off-line or only one out of service will represent a convenience issue for sure, but any displaced curbside parker will find a parking lot to park in eventually.
  11. I just have a little comment about the traffic and parking situation on campus. If the city of Mankato had a better bus system, maybe more students and staff would take the bus instead. I take the bus sometimes, but if you stay on campus later than 515, you don't have a ride home., because the last bus is 520. I sometimes take the bus, and it is ironic to see faculty and students that live in my neighborhood drive to campus - to the freelot - and take the bus from the freelot to school. Maybe the university could try to look into the bus system also when you make plans for traffic and parking. A city this size, and with a university this big should have a better bus system. thank you.
  12. Will always be a need for vehicles to be able to enter campus core area.
  13. Question was raised about the consideration of 'mass transit' in this master plan, and also addressed the broader issue of traffic control, parking, etc., level of coordination with the City of Mankato in addressing these issues. Also noted the possible impact of new apartments, etc. on the southeast side of Monks and Stadium.
  14. With regards to parking on campus, I think that all on campus parking should be removed and be unfilled with either pedestrian or mass transit lanes. Parking should remain as far away from the campus as possible to encourage walking, biking, bus trips etc. I feel that both the paylot, and all lots next to campus buildings need to be rethought. The best campuses in the country are those that promote walkability and reinforce that by making an inviting pedestrian atmosphere. The way our campus currently is, it caters to the automobile and alienates the pedestrian from enjoying the one of the most important pieces of a college campus: walking in a green appealing environment without having to worry about getting hit by a car on the way to class.