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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Perceived Space Needs

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The perceived space needs for Minnesota State University at Mankato were developed in a manner designed to solicit input from a wide spectrum of the University community. Questionnaires and subsequent individual interviews with approximately 100 respondents were used to obtain this information. Respondents provided their current (2000) and future (2005 & 2010) space needs. Many individuals took the time to expound on their particular needs by describing in paragraph form the pros and cons of the current conditions of their location and/or department. Individual perceived needs for both short and long term were converted to Net Assignable Square Feet (NSF) based on space standards. In some cases, the individuals that were interviewed stated specific square footages that they deemed required. The sum of these perceived space needs is presented in Table 3.1. A detailed spreadsheet of individual colleges and departments' responses is presented in Table 3.2.

Space NeedsShort-Term 2001-2004Long-Term 2005+
Faculty/Staff Offices24,172 nsf6,600 nsf
Shared Offices17,160 nsf5,640 nsf
Administrative Support5,530 nsf720 nsf
Dept. Support/Storage 9,129 nsf 510 nsf
Conference/Seminar 18,555 nsf 6,245 nsf
Lab/Lab Prep 38,061 nsf 15,777 nsf
Computer Lab 27,762 nsf 10,200 nsf
Library/Resources 52,895 nsf 3,240 nsf
Totals: 193,264 nsf 48,932 nsf