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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Enrollment Management

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Enrollment Management Committee
Report and Review of Strategic Priority Goals

The Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) was created out of the Enrollment Management Task Force (EMTF). The Enrollment Management Committee is charged with reviewing and making recommendations for planned enrollment growth and management at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

The EMC has reviewed the 2010 Strategic Goals developed by the EMTF. We find that most of the goals developed by that group remain relevant and should be followed. We have made some changes to some of the goals and added additional areas.

In the report that follows, we have listed the goals laid out by the EMTF. Actions by the EMC are noted in the gray highlighted areas. Full details are available in the report. A summary of the proposed 2010 goal changes follows:

  • Goal B1 (New): Set enrollment targets for University Extended Education at 1700 new students by 2010, for a total FYE of 15,000.
  • Goal C3: Plan for decreased enrollment of traditional-aged (18-24) students, based on demographic trends and increased competition for these students. This also means to plan for increased enrollment in students outside the 18-24 age band.
  • Goal C5: Increase target for under-represented ethnic group enrollment from 8% to 9%.
  • Increase contract admit student limit to 250, with added support for the Contract Admit program.
  • Increase transfer students to 1,250 per year or more.
  • Improve retention and graduation rates, with a 1st to 2nd year retention rate of 80% (up from 77.5%) and a six-year graduation rate of 52% (up from 48.7%). These are increases from the current rate but lower targets than the original EMTF plan.

We also propose the following priorities for 2005-2006:

  • Increase enrollment in upper-division and graduate courses.
  • Intensify recruitment and retention of students of color and international students
  • Set realistic goals for University Extended Education enrollment.
  • Focus attention on retaining students from the 2nd to 3rd year.

Enrollment Management Committee Members:

Michael Fagin, David Gjerde, Tom Gjersvig, Joel Johnson, Rosemary Kinne, Patricia Lipetzky, Jan Marble, Randall McClure, Linda Meidl, Christopher Mickle, Anne O’Meara, Ann Rosenquist-Fee, Warren Sandmann, Walt Wolff

The proposed plan is available for review at /acadaf/institutional/submeet/2004-2005/EMCStratGoalsUpdate0405.pdf