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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

2017 Fall Retreat

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[PDF] president/2017_retreat_agenda.pdf (272 KiB)


Table Topics


1. Forward Looking Budget Planning - Rick Straka, Carrie Chapman

[PDF] president/table_1.pdf (216 KiB)


2. Moving Forward: Our University's Strategic Directions, 2016-2021 - Lynn Akey, Pat Nelson

[PDF] president/table_2.pdf (177 KiB)


3. Our New Advising Model: What's Next? - Ginger Zierdt, Dan Cronn-Mills

[PDF] president/table_3.pdf (132 KiB)


4. Our Diversity & Inclusion Plan: What's Happening Next? - Henry Morris, Joan Roca

[PDF] president/retreat_table_4.pdf (233 KiB)


5. Student Choice, Student Success - Tom Norman, Brian Jones

[PDF] president/table_5.pdf (220 KiB)


6. A New Mousetrap and Better Cheese: 8.5 Ways to Engage - Kent Stanley, Ramon Pinero

[PDF] president/table_6.pdf (218 KiB)


7. "Starfish" & the & Signature Strategies: Driving Retention - Nikki Stock, Andi Lassiter

[PDF] president/table_7.pdf (184 KiB)


8. A Graduate Enrollment Plan: Seizing Opportunities - Barry Ries, David Jones

[PDF] president/table_8.pdf (162 KiB)

[PDF] president/table_8_1.pdf (187 KiB)


9. "We Have Ag!" Showcasing an Emerging Area of Distinction - Brian Martensen,    Brenda Flannery

[PDF] president/table_9.pdf (299 KiB)


10. A Student-Centered University: From Passive to Active Engagement -

          Kris Retherford, Anne Dahlman

[PDF] president/table_10.pdf (240 KiB)


11. Growing Our Global Reach: Engaging Students, Faculty, and Staff 

        Stephen Stoynoff, Jacy Fry

[PDF] president/table_11.pdf (258 KiB)


12. Ahead of the Curve: Current Trends in Technology

          Mark Johnson, Matt Clay, Lindsey Beyer, and Cathy Hughes

[PDF] president/table_12.pdf (187 KiB)