Our multiple printing presses and digital printers can accommodate almost any job.

If additional resources are required for your project, we'll work with area vendors to provide the best price, quality, and the quickest turnaround time. Finished products can be delivered to Office Support Services for mailing or delivered right to your office door free of charge.


Please use our Printing work order form to have a job printed in our press area or to order promotional products or graphic design services. You may order business cards and stationary here.

Printing Work Order Form


To have a job digitally printed/copied through our Copy Shops, please use the Copy Shop Work Order form.

What should go to press?

As opposed to a copy machine, which is good for doing small numbers of prints (with a higher cost per print), a press is ideal for doing greater quantities, especially for color printing (with a cost per print which decreases with quantity). This price per print is dependent on the size of the piece needed (and its complexity), but a general rule of thumb is if you need 500 or more of something, it's worth doing on the press instead of in the copy shop. Contact us to for a quote or call 507-389-1181.

Generally speaking, materials printed on a press have a more professional, color accurate look. Also, many materials that will jam up a copy machine such as carbonless sheets, glossy stock and heavier weight papers can often be run on a press. Contact us to see if printing on a press is right for your product or call 507-389-1181.