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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Page address: https://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/fall14reg_info.html

Registration Help Center — We're here to help!

Located on the first floor of the Wigley Administration Center (WA 132)
Phone: (507)389-2252   Email: registration@mnsu.edu

Staff: Laura Henry
Supervisor: Debra Schulz, Assistant Registrar

Fall 2014 Registration Information

  • The Fall 2014 Class Schedule will be available for viewing on the web via E-Services starting Monday, March 17.
  • In addition to searching for courses through E-Services, another option is going to the "Class Schedule" listed as a quick link. Check it out at www.mnsu.edu click on "Current Students" and then "Class Schedule". Take note of the "Class Schedule Builder" which is located on the right bottom side of the Class Schedule. The Class Schedule Builder is a feature to help students plan their Class Schedule.
  • To see the Fall 2014 Calendar for important dates, go to http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/dates.html and click on "Term Calendar" under "Fall 2014."
  • Registration begins on Thursday, April 10 at 8:00 a.m. and continues through Friday, August 29, at 11:59 p.m.
  • Registration windows are in effect to allow for efficient use of the registration system. To see the registration windows online, go to http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/dates.html and click on "Registration Windows" under "Fall 2014." Students can also check their window via E-Services.
  • Early Registration for students who are registered with the MSU Office of Disability Services will be Thursday, April 3 starting at 8:00 a.m. through Wednesday, April 9 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Priority Registration for student-athletes, Honors, and selected Speech and Music majors (who have earned 0-64 credits) and veterans is scheduled for Tuesday, April 8 from 8:00 a.m. through Wednesday, April 9 at 4:00 p.m. If a priority registration student misses registering on April 8-9, he/she will then need to register during his/her registration window.
  • Registration Cancellation for non-payment will be used. For more information, go to http://www.mnsu.edu/campushub/payments/rcfn/index.html.
  • Administrative Drop will be used. For more information on Administrative Drop, go to http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/admindrop.html. Fall 2014 will be posted soon.
  • Registration Access Codes will again be used by some departments. Go to http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/regaccodes.html for more information. Please note that registration access codes are run based on declared majors at the time the access codes are run. Therefore, after the initial run, changing from a major that required an access code to a major that does not require one, will not remove the access code automatically. Students or Faculty can contact the Registration Help Center for help in these situations.
  • Students can see the add/drop/withdrawal/refund date by looking at the course details when searching for a course on E-Services. The dates can also be seen by placing the mouse over the icon on the student's class schedule. This will display "hover help" which will show the official date to add, drop and withdraw.
  • Staff can see the add/drop/withdrawal/refund date searching for a course at https://eservices.minnstate.edu/registration/search/advanced.html?campusid=071. Search for course, click on title of course, scroll down to Add/Drop/Withdraw.
  • Students should check for holds preventing registration by going to https://www.mnsu.edu/eservices and logging in to E-Services, and then clicking on "Courses and Registration" and then "Registration Holds".
  • Registration "error message codes" may appear when a student attempts to register for a course but does not have the correct permissions. To see the meaning of the error message codes, go to http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/comregproblems.html.
  • Many answers to registration questions can be found at the "Ask a Question" website. Go to the MSU homepage at www.mnsu.edu and to the bottom left hand side of the page and click on "Ask a Question". Once you are in to the website, select "registration" under "search by topics".
  • Students can register themselves after the beginning of the semester for classes that have not yet started.
  • All Student-Athletes have a "0057" hold on their account to prevent them from dropping below 12 credits. A registration edit allows dropping/adding within the drop/add timeframe.
  • An individualized informational e-mail will go out to all students (except for PSEO) in mid-March in regards to registration windows, advisor information, whether the student needs a registration access code, how to check "error message codes", holds, etc…

Grading Method Information

  • The grading method of "Normal" means "Regular Grade- example A/B/C/D/F
  • The grading method of P/N means "Pass/No Credit." Note-some departments may not accept a P/N grading method for courses in the major/minor.
  • The grading method of "Audit" under most circumstances should not be used as courses earn no academic credit and therefore cannot be counted toward meeting graduation requirements, course load requirements for receiving veterans' benefits, financial aid or for intercollegiate eligibility.
  • Not all courses allow alternate grading methods. Check the Class Schedule at https://secure2.mnsu.edu/courses/ to see what grading method is offered for a course(s). Example: OPT (optional), GR (graded only), or PN (pass/no credit only).

Repeating Courses

Registration Timelines

  • Add courses through the fifth day of the term
  • After day 5, all courses that have started need electronic instructor permission via E-Services (e-mails no longer accepted) to add even if the course itself does not require it. Instructors have the authority whether to grant permission for a late add. Unless the course requires permission, courses that have not started do not need instructor permission and the student can usually register on the registration system.
  • To add courses day 6-10, students need electronic instructor permission via E-Services (e-mails no longer accepted) and need to come to the Registration Help Center. For information on how to enter electronic permissions, go to http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/facultyperm.html.
  • To add courses day 11 and after, students needs to fill out a registration appeal form located at http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/forms/reg_appeal_curr.pdf and have electronic instructor permission via E-Services (e-mails will no longer be accepted). These requests are subject to approval by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Grading Method Changes-students can change a grading method via E-Services through the tenth day of the term which is September 8.
  • Deadline for Official Withdrawal of All Full Term Classes is November 20, 2014. Please note that there is no longer a separate withdrawal date for individual courses as there was in the past.
  • Dropping course/courses is different than officially withdrawing from all courses which is considered an official withdrawal. Students who are officially withdrawing from the university need to fill out an official withdrawal form at the Campus Hub.
  • In general, students who miss the deadline to change a grading method or to drop a class (except for non-attendance), will be told upfront that this type of appeal is rarely if ever approved. Students who feel they have extenuating circumstances need a "letter of support" from the instructor. The authority to approve or deny a registration appeal is an administrative decision in the Office of the Registrar. Letters of support/non support from the instructor will be used in the decision process.

For additional information regarding registration, go to: