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The overall idea of transfer evaluation is fairly straightforward.

Students have taken coursework at other institutions and wish to utilize those courses and credits at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The evaluation is basically a conversion of work from other schools into Mankato coursework so that it can be used in our degree programs and requirements.

Transfer courses are converted into Mankato courses in one of two ways:

  1. As equivalent courses
    (MATH 234 from Texas State might be converted to MATH 260)

  2. As "generic" courses in a subject area
    (HIST 187 from Calvin College might be converted to HIST TRF)

In order for transfer courses to be given equivalents, they have to be examined and approved by the Minnesota State University, Mankato department offering courses in that same subject area.

Transfer work is automatically used in students' majors or minors ONLY if those courses have been given approved equivalencies by departments. If students believe that particular transfer courses should have been placed within their major or minor areas, they are encouraged to inquire with those departments concerning the use of these courses. This is especially true for those classes shown as being "generic" on the transfer audit. There is a [PDF] transfer equivalency form (430 KiB) online or at the departments used for this approval process.

A similar process is used when students have repeated courses involving transfer work. The decision as to whether two transfer courses or a transfer course and a Minnesota State University, Mankato course are to be considered repeats of each other is made by the department of content. There is a [PDF] repeated course form (411 KiB) online or at the departments used for this process.

The results of a transfer evaluation are shown on an audit (or in cases of students admitted prior to Fall of 2003, on a hand-written document) that is sent via U.S. mail. This document shows the number of credits accepted and how the classes were used in general education. Students can also obtain copies of their transfer audits at the Campus Hub or from the Student Relations Coordinator of the college of their major.

There is an online [PDF] example of a transfer audit (50 KiB), containing some annotations.

Questions concerning transfer evaluations should be directed to

the Transfer Evaluation Department

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-5265