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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

MnSCU Web System

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The MnSCU web system is not the same as the University's local website.

Our local website houses all of the University's web pages (departmental, administrative, individual) and contains much information from administrative offices pertaining to life at Minnesota State University, Mankato. However, our local site is not directly and fully connected to the MnSCU student records system, where the data concerning students and courses lies. The MnSCU web system is directly connected to that records system. As such, the MnSCU web system provides many capabilities that our campus finds useful. For example, two very handy items are:

  • web registration for courses each term

  • web grading of courses each term

Because the MnSCU web system is connected to records information, it is made secure by forcing people to login using a tech ID and PIN. Further, upon logging in a person is identified as being a student or a staff member--each group able to view information appropriate to that group.

The University has tailored the entrance to the MnSCU web system to suit its needs. Thus, people are from time to time asked or shown information about their email address and billing.

Detailed instructions for logging in to the web system are available here.

The address for the actual login page is

Questions concerning the MnSCU Web System should be directed to

the Office of the Registrar

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-6266