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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Student Records

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Institutions must collect, disclose, and retain government data in compliance with state and federal law. Educational records are governed by the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Educational records contain information directly related to a student. These records are generally private and subject to strict rules of disclosure. **The University’s data privacy policies extend to all students attending a post-secondary institution including PSEO students and minors. Only directory information can be released to parents without the student’s written consent or as otherwise authorized by law, such as in a health or safety emergency.

Directory Information

Student information that is available to the public is designated as Directory Information. Any information NOT listed as Directory information is private information and will not be provided to requesters without written permission from the student. Certain exceptions may apply. These exceptions are noted under Disclosure of Academic Records. Minnesota State Mankato has designated the following items as directory information:

  1. Name (legal and/or Preferred *
  2. Major field of study*
  3. Dates of attendance*
  4. Grade level classification*
  5. Previous college/university attended*
  6. Degrees received*
  7. Awards and honors
  8. Height and weight information for athletic participants
  9. Performance records and participation in competitive events
  10. Participation in officially recognized activities, sports, and organizations
  11. Individual or group photos and videos

*This information is maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

Private Information

Any information not included in the definition of Directory Information will not be provided to a third party requester without written authorization from the student unless otherwise authorized by law. Inform the requester that Federal, State, and University regulations prohibit the release of private information. Further, the requester should be told to obtain the desired information from the student or ask the student to sign a written release form (which should be retained) permitting disclosure of the desired information to the third party requester.

Students may request that their directory information be maintained as private by completing a form provided in the Office of the Registrar (507-389-6266); this will mean that their directory information will not be available as public information. Students who complete this form should understand that their data will continue to be available to school officials who need the information to perform their work, and as otherwise authorized to be disclosed by law. After submitting a confidentiality form, the student's address will only be used for internal purposes. However, students should be aware that addresses appear on many reports, e.g. advisor reports, grade reports, etc. and the releasing of information could occur by persons reading those various reports.

Students can request that their non-directory information (e.g. grades) be made available to specified third parties by contacting the Campus Hub, Student Financial Services, or the Office of the Registrar.

Questions? Please refer to the [PDF] Student Education Records Policy (280 KiB) for Minnesota State University, Mankato.