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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

McElroy Residence Community

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McElroy provides housing for approximately 800 residents.



McElroy Housing:

  • E, F, and G Hall Basic Double Rooms house two residents; a limited number of other Basic room types are available.
  • McElroy H Hall Renovated Double Rooms house two residents; a limited number of other Renovated room types are available.
  • McElroy G Hall is unique as the hall is co-ed by room and has two community bathrooms on each floor - one for men and one for women.
  • Renovated Rooms and all kitchens and lounges are air-conditioned.
  • Students enrolled in a Learning Community are housed in either Crawford, McElroy or Preska Residence Communities.
  • All rooms have cable and both wired and wireless Internet.
  • A laundry room is located in this community and also on each floor in H Hall; there is no additional charge for laundry.

This community is adjacent to Carkoski Commons providing indoor access to:

  • ResTech Services
  • Carkoski Computer Lab open 24/7
  • Student Health Services and Pharmacy
  • Chet's Place Grill and Convenience Store
  • Residential Life Office

Also at this community:

  • Multi-purpose community space
  • Outdoor sand volleyball court
  • Gathering space
  • Both first-year and upperclass students choose to live in McElroy. 


Any student may request to live on one of the co-ed floors in McElroy Residence Community. Just like the other floor communities on campus, programs and activities on the co-ed floors reflect the interests of floor members except that both men and women are a part of these communities. Men and women are assigned to alternating rooms, and there are separate bathrooms on the floor for men and women.

 Floor Maps: [PDF] 1 (250 KiB) [PDF] 2 (319 KiB) [PDF] 3 (338 KiB) [PDF] 4 (256 KiB) [PDF] Lower Level (182 KiB)


McElroy Residence Community: 2017-2018

Hall and Floor Gender Rate Type Air Conditioning
E1 Female


Kitchen & Lounge Only
E2 Male
E3 Female
E4 Male
F1 Male


Kitchen & Lounge Only
F2 Female
F3 Male
F4 Female
Hall and Floor Gender Rate Type Air Conditioning
G1 Co-Ed


Kitchen & Lounge Only
G2 Co-Ed
G3 Co-Ed
G4 Co-Ed
H1 Male


H2 Female
H3 Male
H4 Female


If you would like to  request a printed version of this information, please let us know.