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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Things To Bring

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Be sure to communicate with your roommate before moving in! This will help you avoid duplication of items.


Please see Things to Bring When Living in Stadium Heights Apartments.

Bedding and Linen

Students must provide their own bedding, pillows, towels, and other personal items.  All mattresses provided in the residence halls are 80" x 36" (203cm x 91cm). These mattresses require extra long twin sheets, available at many retail locations.

To make this process quick and easy, Residence Hall Linens, a Residence Hall Association fundraiser, has been providing linens to students since 1997. The selection includes extra-long sheets, extra-long thermal blankets, extra-long mattress pads, pillows, storage solutions, extra-long comforters and anything else you will need.  All of this can be delivered directly to your home over the summer. Visit to view the linen program’s full selection of colors and patterns and to place your order.

Electrical Appliances

The Department of Residential Life reserves the right to restrict appliances that pose a danger to the residence halls. Specifically, the following appliances are not allowed: charcoal grills, gas grills, full-size refrigerators, toaster ovens, freezers, halogen lamps, and appliances with an open heating element or flame.


Futons are allowed within the residence halls.  Residents should be aware of space limitations.  Futons you wish to fit under the provided lofted twin bed may not exceed 80" (203 cm).


Microwaves may be brought to campus for use in student rooms.  We recommend microwaves with 1,000 watts or less.  A microwave is also provided in each floor community kitchen.

Command Strips

Pictures and posters may be hung on the walls of your room using Command Strips or other adhesive material that will not damage your walls. You should bring all of those special things that will make your room feel like home. Personalizing your room is strongly encouraged and we suggest that you bring your favorite things.


Compact refrigerators brought to campus must be in good working condition and are subject to inspection.  Full-size refrigerators are not permitted in the residence halls.  We suggest compact refrigerators no greater than 1.2 Amps (or 4.3 cubic feet).  General dimensions of the unit should not exceed 33" in height and 20" in width.


Each residence hall room and apartment bedroom is equipped with a cable television hook-up. You should provide your own coaxial cable. The cost of the basic cable service (over 96 television channels including HBO and Showtime) is included in your room and board charges.

Charter Communications uses a digital broadcast signal in the residence halls.  A TV with a Q Qam tuner is required to receive the digital signal.  TV's manufactured after 2006 should have a Q Qam tuner.  For TV's manufactured in 2006 and before, the resident will need to verify if it has the Q Qam tuner.

Other Items to Consider

While our rooms come furnished, most students choose to enhance their rooms by adding their own personal touch.  Items that you may want to consider bringing include:

area rug/carpet

bath robe

bike and bike lock


chargers for all your devices

cleaning supplies

clothes hangers

coffee maker


cooking/eating supplies (plates, silverware, can opener)

ethernet cable

external hard drive (or thumb drive)



first aid kit

laundry bag/basket

laundry soap (high efficiency)



medical insurance card

non-halogen study lamp

personal care items/prescriptions




power strips/surge protectors/extension cords

mini refrigerator

school supplies

sewing kit

storage containers

shower shoes

shower tote

television (and coaxial cable)


tool kit


trash bags

umbrella/rain coat

water bottle