Early Arrival/Return Request

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Updated 6-1-2015:

Early Arrival requests for Fall 2015 may be entered now.

Early Arrival requests for Spring 2016 may be entered beginning in October 2015.


Fall Semester Move-In Day is Thursday, August 20. Students may also arrive Friday, August 21 and throughout the weekend.

Approval to check in to the residence communities BEFORE Thursday, August 20 requires a documented, University-related reason to arrive early.

University-related reasons are:

  • Taking part in International student orientation (New International students only.)

  • Participating in an athletic program starting before August 20

  • Employed in a role critical to the opening of the fall semester and you need to arrive early


If you fit one of the University-related reasons to arrive early above, please submit your request online below. You will be notified by email at the address you include in your application if we have approved your request. If approved, the email will also include check-in instructions and details of any cost you might incur in arriving early.

If you need to check in for a reason not listed above, please include the details of your circumstances and your request will be evaluated. We will notify you of our decision by email.

We will consider early arrival requests only for students who currently have a housing reservation.

Reason for Early Arrival:




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