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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Computers and Internet

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Connecting to the Internet in Your Residence Hall Room

What to Bring

To get connected to the wired Internet in your room, you’ll need to bring:
1. A computer with an Ethernet adapter or card.
2. An Ethernet cable (Cat 5 10/100Base-T cable with RJ-45 connectors) in order to connect your computer to the network port in your room.
To access the Internet through a wireless connection in the residence communities and on campus, bring a computer (laptop) that also has a wireless Ethernet adapter or card.

When You Arrive on Campus

You will find information in your room regarding the user agreement, and set up instructions on how to register your computer to the network.


IT Services' recommended configurations for desktop and laptop computers can be found here.
If you are buying a new computer, it is best to purchase one with an Ethernet adapter pre-installed. This can be on-board or a separate card already installed as long as the machine has an Ethernet port. You can also buy a separate Ethernet card (nic) for your system.