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Room Selection Update - June 27

Students who Applied after the Priority Deadline

Students who applied after our Priority Deadline (May 20) will be assigned to a room, rather than provided a room selection timeslot. When assigning a student to a room, we will match housing preferences as closely as possible. If none of the preferred room types are available, we will assign the student to the closest match that is available. When considering roommates, we review age and smoking preference to help provide a compatible match.

Assignments will be prioritized by the date of application. We will begin making assignments in early July and anticipate completing assignments by Friday, August 10. We will notify students of their assignment via e-mail.

Although our cancellation deadline is July 1, if a student (who applied after the Priority Deadline and is assigned a room) requests to cancel their reservation within 7 days of receiving their assignment, we will refund $200 of the prepayment.

Room Selection Update - June 20

Roommate Information Will Be Available This Afternoon

Students who have selected their room will be able to view their roommate's information beginning at 12 p.m. Age and smoking preference were previously available when you selected your room, however, you will also be able to view your roommate's name, WebName (in the housing portal), and University E-mail address.View roommate information on the Thank You page of your housing application (the last page).

Your next step is to communicate with your roommate regarding items you will be bringing (so that you don't double up on futons, for example). Check out our list of Things to Bring!

Room Selection Update - June 18

Updated Timeslots for Women

Women who previously had delayed timeslots, are being issued new timeslots for this Friday, June 22. If this applies to you, check your email to view your new timeslot.

Room Selection Update - June 1

Postponed Timeslots for Women

Each summer, it is common for us to pause Room Selection Timeslots due to cancellations and Learning Community adjustments.  If you received an email from our department indicating that your timeslot has been postponed, don't worry! We still have many great spaces available and you have not lost your priority. You will still be able to pick your room before students who applied after you.  We will email you when your new timeslot is available, so check your email regularly.


  • During Room Selection, rooms are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Beginning May 17, students with complete housing reservations will receive an email that contains their Room Selection timeslot. Do not panic if you haven't received your timeslot by May 17, as emails will continue to go out through the next several days.
  • Students who have joined a Learning Community will not receive a timeslot, as your rooms are being assigned to assure you get on the correct floor for your Learning Community.
  • Students with the first timeslots will begin selecting their rooms on May 23 and this will continue into the first week of June until all timeslots have been opened. It is to your advantage to select your room when your timeslot opens up, for the best availability.
  • Timeslots do NOT close, so if you are not available to select your room when your timeslot opens, you can select your room when it is convenient for your schedule.

May 20 Priority Deadline

While we don't have a housing deadline, we strongly encourage students to submit their application, prepayment, and signed Housing Contract by May 20. Students with incomplete reservations (missing prepayment, unsigned Housing Contract) or students who apply after May 20 will select their room in mid-June.

You may change anything on your housing application up until May 20 (room type preferences, roommate groups, etc.) Changes to your application do not affect your timeslot (as your timeslot is based on the date you applied for housing).

Finalize your Roommate Group

If you are part of a Roommate Group, make sure to finalize it by May 20 to lock it in. To do this,

  1. Login to your application using your StarID/password.
  2. In your application, select the heading ROOMMATE GROUPS.
  3. Near the bottom of the page it will show if you are a member of a roommate group. Click the button below that says FINALIZE to finalize the group.

Roommate Matching

After May 20, the roommate matching feature in the housing portal will be turned off. If you are hoping to make a match with a roommate, you must do this by the end of the day on May 20.

Roommate Information

The first step in the room selection process is to select a room. We will make roommate information available in the housing portal on June 20.

Booking Change Requests

June 1 through August 16, we will receive a small number of contract releases. New requests to fill those spaces may be submitted, however very few students will be able to move based on limited available spaces. Click here to access the Booking Change Request form.

Factors that will impact the success of your request include:

  • The date and time you submitted your request.
  • The details of your specific request.
  • Your willingness to move independently of a preferred roommate.
  • The spaces available at the time your request is considered.

If we are able to accommodate your request, we will notify you by email. IMPORTANT - once we change your room assignment, your former room becomes immediately available to other students and you will not have the option to change it back to your former assignment.

Students Who Don't Select a Room

If a student does not select a room by mid-July, we will assign the student to an available space that meets their age, gender, and smoking preferences.

Room Selection

To select your room, login to the housing portal and click on the heading ROOM SELECTION when your timeslot opens. On this screen you will see a list of room types that are available (see image below).


Select the room type you want to live in and all the available rooms for that room type will show up. For example, in the image below, Renovated Double was selected. You can filter your search by using the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen.

If you are part of a Roommate Group, you need to ADD TO CART all the rooms that will house your Roommate Group (Julia Sears and Preska semi-suites: select both sides of the suite, for example 113A and 113B). Stadium Heights: select all the bedrooms in the apartment, for example if you have 5 people in your group, you will need to select two double rooms in a 5-person apartment and one single room in a 5-person apartment. Make sure they all match (701 #002A - double room, 701 #002B - double room, and 701 #002C - single room).



When you find a room you would like to live in, select ADD TO CART and scroll to the bottom of the page to click SAVE & CONTINUE. The next step is to assign beds. If you are not part of a roommate group, simply select one of the available spaces in the room and click ASSIGN BEDS at the bottom of the screen.


If you are part of a Roommate Group, you will see all the beds listed in the dropdown menu (like the image below). You will be able to select which students are assigned to which room, therefore determining roommates. Once you have assigned all beds, click ASSIGN BEDS to finalize the selections.


Once you have finalized selections for beds, you will see a confirmation page. Review the information and who is assigned to each room. Once you are satisfied and the selections are correct, click SAVE & CONTINUE.

The last page you will see is the THANK YOU screen which confirms your booking (see image below).