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Having a roommate gives you the opportunity to become friends with someone new, who has a different background and different ideas providing all of you a tremendous learning experience.

Sharing living space with another student can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of a college experience. 


You May Request a Roommate(s) for Fall 2016 until May 20!

How to Find A Roommate(s) 

The Department of Residential Life participates in an online Facebook application called RoomSync.  RoomSync allows students to perform their own online search for a roommate that is also registered at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Roommate matches made on RoomSync are UNOFFICIAL and are NOT automatically added to the Minnesota State University, Mankato Housing Reservation Application.  RoomSync users are responsible for requesting each other as roommates through E-services or on the Housing Reservation Application where both parties must write each other's name and StarID/TechID number on the form provided to make the RoomSync match official.

Students who do not request a specific roommate (either through RoomSynce or through the Housing Reservation Application) will automatically have their roommate selected through the Department of Residential Lifeby considering gender, age, and smoking preferences.


RoomSync (Introductory Video), our new roommate matching software through Facebook, empowers you to find the ideal roommate.  RoomSync is free and available to students who have made a Minnesota State Mankato on-campus housing reservation for next year.

Click Here to Access RoomSync!

About Room Sync

By using a passcode-protected Facebook application, the Department of Residential Life works closely with RoomSync to provide students with the unique opportunity to interact with other students while safely finding future roommates. Students can only use the RoomSync application using the special passcode below. The Department of Residential Life encourages students, as always, to use caution while using social media. 

If you have questions about how to use the RoomSync app, please contact the Department of Residential Life or visit the RoomSync Support page

Setting Up RoomSync

1.  Select appropriate link above or log into Facebook.

2.  Search for "RoomSync" and click on the blue "Go to App" button.

3.  Click "Allow" to give the app permission to access your information. (This is how you and your potential roommate matches will begin to learn more about each other, through the information posted on Facebook.  If you have privacy settings that limit the information you share, your potential matches will only be allowed to see the information you do not have blocked.)

4.  Type your name exactly as it appears on Facebook in the box provided. The application is case-sensitive and particular (don't include any extra spaces before or after your name).

5.  Click on the blue button "I Agree to U-Match Terms."

6.  In the "Join a Network Community" box type and select Minnesota State Mankato.

7.  Select the appropriate "Sub-Network, " either first-year student or upperclass/returning/transfer student.

8.  The passcode for Minnesota State Mankato is 2016.

9.  In the "Select a Room Type" box choose "Any Room Type." (You may preference a more specific room type in a later question.)

10.  Click the blue "Next" button.

11.  Enter your Lifestyle Preferences and Ideal Roommate Information and click the blue "Next" button  at the bottom of the page.    

12.  Select your Major(s) and click the blue "Next" button.

13.  Follow prompts. 

14.  When you get to the final page, click the blue "Find a Roommate" button and start searching. Have Fun!

Submit Your Roommate Request to the Department of Residential Life

When you find a roommate, you BOTH need to submit your request to the Department of Residential Life.

  • If you've already submitted your housing application, go to E-services and add your roommate request to your Housing Reservation Application. 
  • If you've not submitted your Housing Reservation Application, include your roommate request through the housing application in E-services or you may submit the information on your paper copy of the Housing Reservation Application.

You'll need your Minnesota State Mankato TechID/StarID and your potential roommates TechID/StarID.

Roommate requests must be submitted no later than Monday, May 20 in order to be considered.

RoomSync FAQ

How exactly does RoomSync work?

Students choosing to live on-campus, may use the RoomSync app on Facebook. Once inside, they can fill out their lifestyle preferences such as preferred bedtime, visitor frequency, etc. and describe their ideal roommate. They then search for roommates at their University by referring to lifestyle preferences and Facebook profile information. Users can also search for a specific word in a profile like 'soccer', or by academic major and preferred residence community.

Roommate matches made on RoomSync are UNOFFICIAL and are NOT automatically added to the Minnesota State University, Mankato Housing Reservation Application.  RoomSync users are responsible for requesting each other as roommates through E-services or on the Housing Reservation Application.

What is my deadline for finding a roommate on RoomSync?

Once you have a housing reservation, you may enter your roommate selection(s) until May 20.  Those who have not chosen a roommate by May 20 will be automatically matched by the Residential Life Office.

I don't have a Facebook account. Can I still use RoomSync?

If you want to use the RoomSync application to find a roommate or meet other students living in your residential community, you must have a Facebook account.

Do I have to use RoomSync?

Using RoomSync is optional.  If you already know who you want your roommate to be, enter your information directly onto your Housing Reservation Application or go to E-services and update your housing request by May 20. 

I want to live in a Learning Community.  Can I still use RoomSync?

You can still use RoomSync to find your roommate.  You and the potential roommate must be qualified for the same Learning Community.

How will I know if someone would like to be my roommate?

If interested in being roommates with a person found in RoomSync, the person places a request in RoomSync.  RoomSync then sends you an email with the person's name, a link to that person's profile and a roommate request.  You should check out the requestor's profile and if you think this person would be a good match, accept their roommate request.

Your Roommate(s) Assignment for Fall 2016 Will Be Available Beginning July 20, 2016.

Roommates will automatically have their roommate selected through the Department of Residential Life unless they officially requested their roommate either through E-services or on the Housing Reservation Application before May 20. The Department of Residential Life will make every possible effort to honor your roommate and lifestyle preferences utilizing the information provided on your application.

About Your Roommate(s)  

Due to many new housing applicants and cancellations over the summer, roommate information frequently changes. We wait to release this information until later in the summer in order to provide you with more accurate information.

Prior to July 20, your roommate information will be listed online as "not available". This means we are not showing you the roommate information yet. However, if you are in a two-person room or a suite, there is probably someone else assigned to the room already. We'll let you know who that is beginning July 20.

Roommate Agreement

Community Advisors (CAs) will provide a [PDF] Roommate Agreement (87 KiB) to each floor resident. Community Advisors in the apartments will provide an [PDF] Apartment Roommate Agreement (89 KiB) to each on-campus apartment resident. Each roommate is encouraged to discuss the items listed on the agreement. Thoughtful participation in the roommate agreement process will help each roommate support the rights of the other.  CAs, Hall Directors, and Area Directors are all resources that can help students further navigate their roommate relationship.

Roommate Rights and Responsibilities

As a member of the Minnesota State Mankato residence communities, you have the following rights and responsibilities. Conversely, each individual should work to be the type of roommate who helps to ensure these rights.

1. The right to read and study in your living unit free from disturbances.
2. The right to sleep without undue disturbance.
3. The right to be treated with respect and civility at all times.
4. The right to expect a sense of privacy in your living unit.
5. The right to a safe and secure home.
6. The right to be free from fear of intimidation, physical harm and/or emotional distress.
7. The right to a clean living unit and the responsibility to share equally in the work to keep your living unit clean.
8. The responsibility to respect your roommate's rights and personal belongings.
9. The responsibility to host guests in a manner that does not interfere with the rights of your roommate and other community members.
10. The responsibility to complete and honor your Roommate Agreement.
11. The right and responsibility to speak out when you believe your rights have been violated.
12. The right and responsibility to seek the assistance of others to resolve conflict when individual action has not been successful.

These rights and responsibilities apply not only to roommates but also to other students living in the residence community.

The University holds no liability if the above rights are not met or if the roommate agreement is violated. These rights are only a suggestion by the University to aid you in creating the best possible living environment.

You and Your Roommate(s)

Most people get along with their roommates, but no relationship is perfect all the time. Some students have never had to share a bedroom with anyone else, while others seem to have always had a family member around them. Some students are morning people, while others are night owls. Some are reality TV watchers, while others prefer old movies or sports. Even the reasons why students come to Minnesota State Mankato differ from person to person. Each person is a unique individual, with his/her own likes and dislikes.

The key to making your roommate relationship work is to discuss these likes and dislikes and come to some agreements. Even if you are planning on rooming with someone you already know, it is important to go through the process of talking to one another about living together. Living with someone is much different than knowing someone, so don’t assume you don’t have anything to discuss. Community Advisors (CAs) will provide a "Roommate Agreement" to each resident. Each roommate is encouraged to discuss the items listed on the agreement. Thoughtful participation in the roommate agreement process will help each roommate support the rights of the other. Keep the lines of communication open as situations arise in your roommate relationship. Maintaining the ability to discuss issues as they arise is important, and doing so will make your relationship last throughout the year. There are many people in the residence communities who can help resolve roommate difficulties too. Seek out a Department of Residential Life staff member for assistance.

Roommate Change Request (Requesting a Room Change in Order to Live With a Different Roommate)

After May 20, but before August 15 you may complete a Room Change Request form. Submit your form to the Department of Residential Life by fax, mail, email, or in person. You and a friend may also use this form to request to be moved to an available room so that you may be roommates. Your room change request will be considered until August 15.  Additional room change information.