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You may request roommate(s) for fall 2014 until May 20.


Select Your Roommate(s) 

The Department of Residential Life participates in an online Facebook application called RoomSync.  RoomSync allows students to perform their own online search for a roommate that is also registered at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Roommate matches made on RoomSync are UNOFFICIAL and are NOT automatically added to the Minnesota State University, Mankato Housing Reservation Application.  RoomSync users are responsible for requesting each other as roommates through E-services or on the Housing Reservation Application  where both parties must write each other's name and TechID number on the form provided to make the RoomSync match official. It is helpful if both requests for residence community and room type match. If they do not, it is possible that neither request can be granted. Roommate requests should be submitted by May 20.

Students not selecting a roommate will automatically have their roommate selected through the Department of Residential Life. The Department of Residential Life will make every possible effort to honor your roommate and lifestyle preferences utilizing the information provided on your application. The Department attempts to assign smokers only with other residents who smoke; however, when space is limited exceptions must sometimes be made.

View information about your 2014-2015 roommate (name, address and phone number) through E-services beginning July 20, 2014.


Your Roommate(s) Assignment for fall 2014 will be available beginning July 20.


About Your Roommate(s)  

Because of many new housing applicants and cancellations over the summer, roommate information frequently changes. We wait to release this information until later in the summer in order to provide you with more accurate information.

Prior to July 20, your roommate information will be listed online as "not available". This means we are not showing you the roommate information yet. However, if you are in a two-person room or a suite, there is probably someone else assigned to the room already. We'll let you know who that is on July 20.

Roommate Agreement

Community Advisors(CAs) will provide a [PDF] Roommate Agreement (83 KiB) to each floor resident. Apartment Community Advisors(ACAs) will provide an [PDF] Apartment Roommate Agreement (82 KiB) to each on-campus apartment resident. Each roommate is encouraged to discuss the items listed on the agreement. Thoughtful participation in the roommate agreement process will help each roommate support the rights of the other.  CAs, Hall Directors, and Area Directors are all resources that can help students further navigate their roommate relationship.

Additional roommate information can also be found in our Online Student Guide.


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