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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Bike Repair Stations

A free standing bike repair station is located between Preska Residence Community and Carkoski Commons. It has all of the tools needed for basic bicycle repair, including air pumps.  Bicycle repair stations across campus are accessible 24 hours per day.  [PDF] Bike Repair Pole Detailed Description (176 KiB)
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Please note all televisions manufactured prior to 2006 may or may not have a Q Qam tuner.  If your television does not have a Q Qam tuner you will need a Charter Communications converter box or a newer model in order to receive cable programming. 
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Convenience Items

Grilled, frozen and refrigerated foods, in addition to convenience items, can be purchased in both Chet's Place (located in Carkoski Commons behind the Dining Hall) or in The 1872 Grill (located on the main floor in Julia Sears) using Flex Dollars, cash or credit card.

All students living in the residence communities have Flex Dollars or meals that can be converted to Flex Dollars.  Using Flex Dollars, you can make purchases in all University Dining Services locations.  Whenever your balance runs low, you you can add Flex Dollars to your account.

Front Desk

The front desk is the information center of each residence community. The desk is staffed throughout the day and evening. Students who have questions or need assistance and cannot determine to whom they should direct their inquiry should seek assistance at the front desk.
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The hours for Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy and Preska Front Desks:
Sunday - Saturday 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
(Break periods may have different hours.)

The hours for Stadium Heights front desk:
See calendar posted at the desk.


Washer and dryer use is included in your room and board rate. Please use only liquid "he" detergent. Please do not use the 3-in-1 laundry sheets in the residence hall washing machines.  They get caught in the washer drains, and then the washer is out of service. 
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Light Bulbs

If a light bulb in your room burns out:

Residents of Crawford and McElroy:
Remove the bulb and take it to the front desk where it will be exchanged for a new bulb. You must have the old bulb to get a new one. If a light bulb in your room burns out and you are not able to change the bulb or reach the light fixture, submit a maintenance request (MR) online at and a maintenance worker will bring a new bulb to your room and install it for you.

Residents of Julia Sears and Preska:
Submit a maintenance request (MR) online at

Residents of Stadium Heights:
Submit a maintenance request (MR) online at

Living Green/ Recycling

At Minnesota State University, Mankato, Residential Life practices a "green" philosophy when it is safe and economical for our residents and community.  Students are also encouraged to "Live Green." We recycle aluminum cans, tin cans, plastic, cardboard, glass, and paper (all types).  Recycling containers are located throughout the residence communities. 
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We do:

  • We sort and process trash so that less than 2% of our residential community and dining trash goes to a landfill!
  • Over 20,000 plastic water bottles per month are no longer being deposited in landfills because of our water bottle filler stations available in each residential community lobby.

You can:

  • Save energy by turning off your lights when you leave your room.
  • Let you laptop hibernate when not in use.
  • Unplug your chargers when not in use.

Lofts and Loft Adjustments

All beds in Crawford, McElroy, Julia Sears, Preska and Stadium Heights double rooms will be lofted when you arrive on campus.  All beds in these rooms have adjustable heights and may be bunked.  Stadium Heights full-size beds in single rooms cannot be lofted.

Wooden Bed Instructions - Please complete a maintenance request (MR)

Metal Bed Instructions - Please complete a maintenance request if you are unable to make your bed modifications.

Lost and Found

Individuals who have lost an item should check with the front desk in their community to see if the missing item has been found. Similarly, an item found in the public areas of the community should be brought to the front desk.

Mail and Packages

Each residence hall room has an assigned mailbox which is located in the front lobby of the residence community. Address all mail using the student's name as listed in the University directory and a complete address using the proper format, room number, and street address. Address formats for each residence hall, including their unique street numbers and zip codes, are available here.

If a student hasn't received some mail you sent them:

  • For parcels, the student should contact the shipper using appropriate tracking or insurance numbers
  • Address all mail using the student's name as listed in the University directory.  This is particularly important when mailing items purchased from another vendor, such as an online merchant.
  • Do not use parents' or others' names in the "Ship To" field on such parcels.
  • Please refer to the address information above for specifics on how to address packages to student residents.  

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Maintenance Request (MR)

Students can use the online Maintenance Request form through our website to make a request or report a concern.  Your assistance in reporting maintenance or custodial conditions in a room or common area is very important to us!

Repair workers and General Maintenance Workers (GMWs) ensure buildings are maintained and public areas are kept clean.  They also work to resolve maintenance requests.

Submit a request at


MavPrint stations are located in the residence communities near the front desk.
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Telephone Services

Most students use cellular phones for their personal communication needs. Local (wired) phone service can be made available in rooms through the local telephone service company.

For details and rates, please visit:

View additional information about phone service under “Residential Services."