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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

The Staff

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Area Director

The Area Director is responsible for all activities within the residence community. Specifically she/he directs, in conjunction with other Residential Life staff, programming planning for residents, administrative duties with the community, and student experience and behavior issues. The Area Director is a general liaison with the rest of the University and has an office located in the Front Desk area of the residence community.

Residence Hall Program Advisor and Summer Operations Coordinator

The Residence Hall Program Advisor and Summer Operations Coordinator provides leadership in the advising of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). Additionally, she/he manages all aspects of the Residential Life summer conference, guest housing and pre-season programs.

Student Success Coordinator and Conduct Hearing Officer

The Student Success Coordinator and Conduct Hearing Officer provides leadership in communicating expectations regarding student behavior and in responding to student behaviors ranging from alleged policy violations to crisis interventions. Additionally, she/he manages all aspects of the academic support program in Residential Life. The Student Success Coordinator has an office located in the main Residential Life Office.

Hall Director

The Hall Director is responsible for coordinating community development activities and functions, responding to student needs and behavior concerns, and connecting students to campus services. Additionally, she/he provides direct supervision to a team of Community Advisors. The Hall Director has an office located in the Front Desk area of the residence community.

Stadium Heights Property Owners

The Stadium Heights Property Owners are responsible for managing the Stadium Heights Facilities.


Academic Success Coordinator

The Academic Success Coordinator will provide leadership to Residential Life initiatives that support the academic success of students living on campus. Duties and responsibilities include coordinating academic review sessions, facilitating academic success workshops, and providing academic support information and resources to Residential Life staff.

Student Services Coordinator

The Student Services Coordinator oversees the operation of the residence community Front Desk and coordinates room changes for students within and between residence communities.


Community Advisor

A Community Advisor (CA) helps students in their transition to campus, organizes activities, serves as a resource to campus, leads floor meetings, and helps communicate housing and campus information. Community Advisors live on each floor. Stadium Heights Community Advisors live in each building.

Learning Community Coordinator

A Learning Community Coordinator (LCC) helps students in their academic transition to campus through individual conversations and activities related to the learning community focus.

Overnight Safety Monitor

Overnight Safety Monitors assist residents on the main campus when front desks are closed, monitor exterior doors, and report suspicious activity, vandalism, and other safety concerns. Overnight Safety Monitors partner with students and University Security to foster a secure community.

Stadium Heights Security Staff

Stadium Heights Security Staff assist residents of Stadium Heights from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. daily. They monitor exterior doors, assist in lockouts, and report suspicious activity, vandalism and other safety concerns. Stadium Heights Security Staff partners with students and Residential Life staff to foster a secure community.