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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Sexual Assault Reporting and Procedures

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Programming and Intervention Policy

  1. Minnesota State Mankato's policy on sexual violence and harassment is governed by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System's policy. In support of the system policy, Minnesota State Mankato reaffirms the policy that sexual violence and harassment will not be tolerated. Minnesota State Mankato complies with the MnSCU 1.B.1 Nondiscrimination Policy, MnSCU 1.B.3 Sexual Violence Policy and 1.B.3.1 Sexual Violence Procedures located at the Board Policies web page. Every effort will be made to assure that all members of the University community are provided an atmosphere free from sexual violence and harassment.
  2. To prevent sexual violence and harassment, educational efforts will be undertaken to inform employees and students of their responsibilities regarding such behavior, how to identify and eliminate potential sexual violence and harassment and what steps can be taken if instances of sexual violence and harassment are experienced.
  3. Minnesota State Mankato conducts a number of programs aimed at preventing sexual offenses and making the community aware of the potential of such crimes. These programs include nightly security patrols of the campus, providing safewalk, inspecting the campus for potentially dangerous areas and implementing programs to inspect campus lighting and shrubbery. In addition, educational programs concerning sexual assault awareness are provided by residence hall staff, Security, Student Health Services, and the Women's Center.
  4. A guiding principle in the intervention of sexual assault is to avoid re-victimizing the sexual assault survivor by forcing the person into any plan of action. Sexual assault survivors may contact any one of several Minnesota State Mankato departments or community services for assistance.
  5. Information regarding sex offenders that may work or reside on campus can be found on the State Department of Corrections web site or National Sex Offender Registry. Additional questions may be answered by contacting the Mankato Police Department at 507-387-8700.

Easy Reference Guide to Victim's Assistance

Security Department: (V/TTY) 507-389-2111
Personal Safety Hotline: 389-2594
Emergency, Mankato Police, Fire, Ambulance: 911
CADA: 625-7233

(Committee Against Domestic Abuse)

Affirmative Action, Office of: (V/TTY) 389-2986
Counseling Center: 389-1455
Health Services: 389-6276
Health Education: 389-5689

(Alcohol/Drug, Eating Disorders, General)

Immanuel-St. Joseph's Hospital Emergency Room: 625-4031
Student Affairs, Office of: 389-2121
Women's Center: 389-6146
Department of Residential Life: 389-1011
Facilities: 389-2071
Human Resources, Office of: 389-2015 V/TTY 389-6944
Multicultural Affairs: 389-6300
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center: 389-5131 or 389-6146
International Student, Office of: 389-1281
Minnesota Relay Services: (MRS/TTY) 800-627-3529 or 711

Additional information can be found at

Survivors of sexual violence occurring on Minnesota State Mankato property have the following rights:

  1. The right to file criminal charges with local law enforcement officials in sexual assault cases.
  2. The right to prompt assistance from campus law enforcement authorities, at the request of the survivors, in notifying the appropriate law enforcement officials and disciplinary authorities of a sexual assault incident and at the direction of law enforcement authorities, assistance in obtaining, securing, and maintaining evidence.
  3. The right to the assistance of campus authorities in preserving, for a sexual assault complaint or survivor, material relevant to a campus disciplinary proceeding.
  4. The right to prompt assistance from campus authorities in obtaining appropriate medical care and support from victim/survivor services.
  5. The right to prompt and appropriate investigation and resolution of a sexual assault complaint by campus disciplinary authorities.
  6. The right to know the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding concerning a sexual assault complaint, consistent with laws relating to data practices.
  7. The right to the assistance of campus personnel, in cooperation with the appropriate law enforcement authorities, at the sexual assault survivor's request, in shielding the survivor from unwanted contact with the alleged assailant, including offering alternative classes, or a work site, or alternative college-owned housing, if alternatives available and feasible.
  8. The right to assistance from the Minnesota Crime Victims Services (800-247-0390).
  9. Rights under the Crime Victims Bill of Rights, Minnesota Statutes Sections 611A.01 - 611A.06, including the right to assistance from the Crime Victims Reparations Board and the Commissioner of Public Safety.

A print copy of the policy statement on sexual/gender harassment, sexual violence, and racial and disability harassment is available from the Office of Affirmative Action (AH 112), Office of Student Affairs (WA 228), or the Office of Finance & Administration (WA 238).

Policy Regarding Reporting of Sexual Assault

The release of information regarding sexual assault, as with other reports of the violation of individual rights on campus, is important and necessary so that students, staff and faculty can make informed judgements and take appropriate preventive measures for their personal safety. Heightened awareness of the problem will lead to an environment which is less conducive to sexual assault as people become more vigilant in their observations and structural responses are made to correct unsafe situations.

  1. Confidentiality will be respected and support for survivors will be provided in every possible manner. For the protection of all members of the university community each incident of a sexual assault reported to Security and the Mankato Department of Public Safety (MDPS) will be investigated. In these cases the survivors' wishes will be respected. Survivors of assault are made aware of the need to release information for the protection and safety of others; however, their wishes regarding the amount of detail to be released will be honored. Every attempt is made to maintain the anonymity of the sexual assault survivor.
  2. The campus community will be notified of all completed and attempted on-campus (stranger or acquaintance) sexual assault and all off-campus (stranger) sexual assault in a way that protects the identity of the survivor. As much detail as possible regarding the location, date, and time of the assault, and a description of the assailant will be released.
  3. Security will be the office of official record for reports of sexual assault, as they are in all reports of violation of laws, rules and regulations. Students, staff and faculty are to contact Security to report any information regarding assaults.
  4. In all cases of on-campus (stranger or acquaintance) sexual assault; on-campus (stranger or acquaintance) attempted sexual assault; off-campus (stranger) assault; off-campus (stranger) attempted sexual assault, Security will follow these notification procedures: 1) dissemination of information to Electronic Mail subscribers, 2) distribution of posters and notices working cooperatively with the Women's Center, 3) update 24-hr. telephone hotline 507-389-2594 providing general details, 4) update Security website.

Procedure Regarding Sexual Assault Reporting and Investigating

  1. Contact Security (V/TTY 389-2111) or local enforcement (911) MRS/TTY 800-627-3529 as soon as possible after the offense. Please remember it is most essential to preserve evidence. Do not bathe, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing. Note everything about the location. If you have been sexually assaulted, it's important to seek medical attention immediately regardless of whether you report the matter to the police. Timely reporting within 24 hours aids in prosecution; however, sexual assaults may be reported at any time. If you believe you have been given a drug to attempt to facilitate a sexual assault, visit the closest emergency room immediately.
  2. In cases of sexual assault (or attempted assault), Security calls the Mankato Department of Public Safety. A law enforcement officer, who has received training in working with survivors, will respond and talk with survivors concerning their options in reporting or not making a formal report of the incident.
  3. Official and Anonymous Reporting Procedures. If the individual making the disclosure of a sexual assault is the survivor of that crime, the individual should be encouraged to immediately contact Security or local law enforcement to make an official report. If the survivor will not agree to speak with Security or local law enforcement, the survivor should be advised to contact a Campus Security Authority. A survivor who reports to a Campus Security Authority may, of course, request anonymity to the extent practical and permitted by law.
  4. Minnesota State Mankato may reassign or place on administrative leave an employee alleged to have violated the MnSCU 1.B.3.1 Sexual Violence policy consistent with the applicable collective bargaining agreement or personnel plan. Minnesota State Mankato may summarily suspend a student alleged to have violated the MnSCU 1B.3.1 Sexual Violence policy when the accused student's presence would constitute a threat to the safety and well-being of members of the campus community. If appropriate, other safety measures can include trespass and restraining orders, pending resolution of the allegations.

Procedures for University Disciplinary Action

  1. Minnesota State Mankato investigates and resolves complaints of sexual violence in accordance with MsSCU System Procedure 1.B.1.1 and 1B.3.1. The procedures are intended to protect the rights and privacy of both the complainant and respondent and other involved individuals, as well as to prevent retaliation and reprisal.
  2. There may be instances in which the University needs to act regardless of whether the parties involved have reached a personal resolution or if the complainant requests that no action be taken. In such circumstances, the University will investigate and take action, exercising care to protect the identity of the complainant. However, absolute confidentiality of reports made to campus security authorities cannot be promised.
  3. Procedures used in response to a complaint of sexual violence may include mediation or other negotiated dispute resolution processes only if both the complainant and respondent voluntarily consent. No party shall be required to participate in mediation.
  4. The past sexual history of the complainant and respondent shall be deemed irrelevant except as that history may directly relate to the incident being investigated.
  5. A respondent's use of any drug, including alcohol, judged to be related to an offense may be considered to be an exacerbating rather than mitigating circumstance.
  6. Both the complainant and respondent will be informed of the outcome in a timely manner, as permitted by applicable privacy law.
  7. If the respondent is an employee, the investigation and disciplinary decision-making shall be conducted pursuant to the procedure outlined in MnSCU procedures with the exception of MnSCU 1B.1.1 Part 6, subpart A relative to "Personal Resolution" which is not an advisable option given the seriousness of sexual violence allegations. Employees alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct shall have the right to representation consistent with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or personnel plan.
  8. Sanctions that may be imposed if a finding is made that sexual violence has occurred include, but are not limited to, suspension, expulsion of students or termination from employment. The appropriate sanction will be determined on a case-by-case basis taking into account the severity of the conduct, the student's or employee's previous disciplinary history, and other factors as appropriate.