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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Plan Your Event

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In our business we require several forms to make sure that all needs are met, necessary permissions are obtained and University, State and Minnesota State regulations are followed. Please review the forms on our University Scheduling and Conference Services home page when planning your events.


Making a Reservation - an outline for clients


[PDF] scheduling/gettingstarted/quick_look_policies.pdf (115 KiB)


How many attendees will I need space for?

If you have a large number of participants, you will need more time for planning and organizing your event.


Who will be attending and where should they park?

Giving visitors advance information, such as parking maps and the links to building maps will help them find their way around our campus. It's also important to notify University Scheduling and Conference Services regarding the types of attendees/numbers, etc. so that parking arrangements can be made.


What type of space will I need?

Typically, people prefer banquet or round table style seating for a meal. It's best to determine how large the room needs to be before finalizing any plans. It's better to have a room that's a little too large (to give room to grow) than to have a room that will barely meet your needs. University Scheduling and Conference Services cannot schedule a group into a room that excedes the room's capacity.


Rooms in the Centennial Student Union


CSU Virtual Tour


What date/time will the space be needed?

To check the space availability online, please click this button:





For further assistance, please visit this tutorial:


What equipment/furnishings will my attendees need, if any?

We offer a fairly large selection of equipment and furnishings. However, we have a limited number of each item in our inventory. To ensure that we have an item available for your event, we must schedule it on your reservation. If you don't see an item on your confirmation that you will need for your event, please ask to reserve the item.

The furnishings owned by the Centennial Student Union (CSU) are not to be removed from this building, they are purchased by student activity fees and therefore, owned by the student population. We do make some exceptions for student groups having events in other buildings. However, if you are with a department on campus, we will have to get permission for your group to utilize them outside the CSU.


Are you planning to serve food or refreshments at your event?

If you are serving food at your event, you should contact University Dining Services at least three weeks before your event to place your order. This will allow them sufficient time to order the food and to schedule additional staff (if needed) for your event.