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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Put Health PROs to Work for You!

Looking for an effective way to teach the college population about health issues? Put the Health PROs to work for you! If you haven't already heard of them, Health PROs is a special group of creative and enthusiastic MSU students trained to present a variety of fun and informative programs at no cost to you. That's right..It's Free! All you need to do is call the Health Education Office two weeks prior to your chosen date to schedule any one of our exciting programs. We will come to your floor or class at the time you choose and present an informative and fun program. Here is a listing of the programs Health PROs offer:

Drinko Plinko

Ever watched Plinko on the Price Is Right? Yes, it's Plinko with alcohol education combined. Alcohol is the most widely used drug on American college and university campuses. Students have a blast when competing in the Challenge Category!

Condom Bingo

Without a doubt, our most requested program! It's bingo with a twist. A fun and easy way to learn about birth control, condoms, safer sex, and sexually transmitted infections – no one falls asleep during this program!

Stress-Free Land

Too much stress can have a negative impact on academic performance and make it difficult for student success. This fun adaptation of a familiar childhood game teaches relaxation techniques, visual imagery, and other stress-relieving tips and will have everyone participating.

Score Four!

All the important sexually transmitted infection information students need in a familiar game format makes this presentation interesting and useful!! This program focuses on prevention by providing accurate safer sex information and condom samples...and a chance for students to "show what they know!"

Food Fight!!!

Just what do fat grams mean to a college student who has to eat on a budget or in the dining halls? How often should you exercise? What exactly is a balanced diet? How about vitamin supplements? Students play "Food & Fitness Jeopardy" and learn about healthy eating, exercise, and college life.

Contraception 101

How effective is the pill if you're on antibiotics? When is the best time to put on a condom? What is the Depo shot, anyway? Answers to these questions and many more will be openly discussed during this interactive PowerPoint presentation featuring contraceptive samples.

Aim for Eight

What is the least amount of sleep a student can get and stay healthy?  Are those extreme caffene drinks safe?  Find out the answers to these questions and more when you schedule this program.  Everyone is guaranteed to stay awake as they play this interactive game designed to help everyone win their way to a great night's sleep.

If you would like to schedule a Health PROs presentation, please call 389-5689 or stop by the Health Education Office--Room 100 in Carkoski Commons!