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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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  • The third step in the Strategic Prevention Framework is Planning. By having a plan, we are increasing the effectiveness of prevention efforts. As a coalition, we want to work towards the same goals. 
  • As part of the planning process we will be prioritizing our risk and protective factors through our assessment phase. We will also be building a logic model for our program and we are in the process of selecting effective interventions.
  • When selecting effective interventions, the coalition will look at if the intervention is a good conceptual fit for the community, a good practical fit for the community and if the intervention is evidence-based.
  • Our coalition has selected seven intervening variables to focus on for the course of the grant. We will be selecting interventions that focus on these seven intervening variables for students 18-25 and our high-risk population.

Step 3: Planning