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Margaret HesserMargaret Hesser

SSS Director


Degrees earned: MS Counseling and Student Personnel, MSU; BS Administrative Management, MSU

Hometown: Hector, MN

Outside of work I enjoy: Spending time with family and friends, quilting, basketball and volleyball.

Favorite/Most Inspirational quote: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right." –Henry Ford

Why I work in SSS: I have worked with TRiO for 25 years and find every day to be challenging and exciting and rewarding. I have met so many amazing students and seen them accomplish so much!

 Bobbi Urban

Academic Coordintor



 Cha Her

Academic Coordinator



Christine MyersChristine Myers

Office Manager


Degrees earned: AAS Computer Integrated Machining

Hometown: Madison Lake, MN

Outside of work I enjoy: Making things and repairing things. Everything from making quilts, clothes and bookshelves to fixing the wash machine or refrigerator.

Favorite quote/most inspirational quote: "Be so good they can't ignore you." –Steve Martin.
"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." –Mario Andretti

Why I work in SSS: To be a part of a wonderful experience that helps students learn to be successful and empowered!

Michael Windsperger Michael Windsperger



Degrees earned: BS Sociology, MSU

Hometown: Delano, MN

Outside of work I enjoy: Spending time with my family, reading, camping and hunting.

Favorite quote/most inspirational quote: "Mistakes are proof you are trying, while learning from those mistakes make you wise" -Unknown

Why I work in SSS: The more I learn about the SSS Program, the more I enjoy it. The staff and students are amazing to work with and I have learned something new daily in the office.


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