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For help with one or more of your academic skills, with budgeting, or with staying healthy in college:

  • Click on the PowerPoint presentation of your choice, turn on your speakers, and you are a few short minutes away from becoming a more successful student!
  • Completing one of these workshops can count as one of your three required contacts with your Student Support Services (SSS) advisor. In order to receive credit for doing the workshop, you will need to complete a quiz in the quiz tab of SSS's D2L page. You will be asked to provide short answers to simple questions like these:
  1. Did you like having the workshop hosted online vs. attending a workshop in person?
  2. What skill(s) did you learn from the workshop that you plan to try?
  3. What skill(s) did you re-learn from the workshop that you are planning to try again?
  4. What interesting facts (if any) did you learn that intrigued you?

Available Powerpoints:

"Successful Note Taking"
"21 Steps for Most Effective Tutoring"
"Textbook Reading"
"Mastering Multiple-Choice Test Questions"
"Essay & True/False Tests"

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