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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Campus of the Future

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Goal 1. Create a campus culture supporting energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability.

Objective A. Create a campus sustainability policy and support network.

  1. Prepare a policy statement and implementation principles.
  2. Maintain a campus Environmental Committee.
  3. Maintain a utility metering and reporting system for benchmarking and measuring results.
  4. Complete a “Carbon Footprint” analysis.
  5. Create a campus “Green Fund” for promotion of sustainability efforts.

Objective B. Develop a three-year plan to enhance a campus culture of energy conscious behavior and sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Implement an awareness campaign to reduce “parasitic” electrical consumption – turn off computers, unplug chargers, turn off printers, etc.
  2. Through the Environmental Committee, sponsor events and forums with a sustainability focus that also include opportunities to solicit community input.
  3. Reduce paper use through technology – fewer mailings and posters.

Goal 2. Create a welcoming and safe physical campus that is pedestrian and multi-modal friendly.

Objective A. Improve campus boundary recognition and community welcome to campus.

  1. Construct entrance features at the four campus entrances.
  2. Expand way-finding signage and incorporate campus mapping at entrances and primary pedestrian pathways.
  3. Review student crossing areas along primary paths for clear road crossing markings and appropriate lighting.

Objective B. Create a campus beautification plan and tie to the Facilities Master Plan

  1. Complete a mall upgrade pre-design to seek campus community input and prepare a phased implementation plan with cost estimates.
  2. Incorporate sustainable design practices in landscaping projects
  3. Incorporate Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) practices into landscaping project.

Objective C. Finalize a plan to demolish the Gage Residence halls and redevelop the site.

  1. Investigate partnering opportunities to help defray demolition costs and improve community access.

Goal 3. Create welcoming, comfortable and safe interior spaces that promote collaboration in learning.

Objective A. Maintain a technology replacement and upgrade plan with a commitment to keep all equipped classrooms and seating areas current with state of the art technology.

Objective B. MSU should create innovative, flexible and technologically advanced classroom and collaborative gathering spaces.

  1. Continue to expand the existing “technology lounge” concept.

Objective C. Continue to update building systems and equipment to improve comfort and services in an efficient way.

  1. Create a five-year replacement plan that identifies substandard HVAC systems and prioritizes replacement based on condition.
  2. Create efficiency standards and encourage the students, faculty, staff and vendors to purchase energy star appliances.

Objective D. Conduct an accessibility assessment and incorporate high priority projects into the R&R plan.

Goal 4. Create a process for campus community input and planning for the March 2014 facilities master plan update.

Objective A. Complete a transportation and parking plan that can be integrated with the regional MATAPS transportation plan.

Objective B. Create a process to identify and prioritize future capital projects and appropriate funding sources.