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Minnesota State University, Mankato

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College of Arts and Humanities
Humanities Program

230 Armstrong Hall

Certificate program in Teaching Interdisciplinary Humanities

The certificate program addresses the needs of prospective and practicing teachers who, by interest or their school's specific needs, need to acquire specific skills in teaching interdisciplinary humanities courses. Because the program's audience will require accessible, practical, and pedagogically-driven courses and a program that can be completed quickly, its courses will be delivered at times and on platform that ensue maximum flexibility.

Core Courses

HUM 550 Humanities Seminar (4)
HUM 631 Seminar - Teaching Interdisciplinary Humanities (3)
HUM 652 Bibliography and research in Interdisciplinary Humanities (2)
HUM 676 Humanities Portfolio (2)
HUM 698 Teaching Internship in Humanities (4)

Select two Education courses, in consultation with an advisor, such as

KSP 507 Teaching in a Multi-cultural Society (3)
KSP 550 Human Relations in a Multicultural Society (3)
KSP 630 Material for Young Adults (3)
KSP 634 Instructional Design and Production (3)

Course Descriptions

HUM 550 (4) Humanities Seminar

Studies of selected periods, issues, artifacts, or texts from an interdisciplinary perspective.

HUM 631 (3) Seminar-Teaching Interdisciplinary Humanities

The course exposes students to texts, issues, strategies, and materials to be used in designing and assessing the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary humanities course. Part of the course will involve participants observing how Humanities classes are taught and evaluating what they have observed.

HUM 652 (2) Bibliography and research in Interdisciplinary Humanities

This course introduces the prospective and practicing teacher to research tools, strategies, and materials related to interdisciplinary humanities that can be used to write the Plan B paper or Portfolio and that can be imported into classroom activities that these teachers' students will be doing.

HUM 676 (2) Humanities Portfolio

This course will proceed as a directed written project as the culmination of a student's internship in which she reflects on and analyzes the planning and actual teaching associated with that experience and contemplates changes necessary for a more successful experience.

HUM 677 (1-6) Individual Study

Interdisciplinary study in an area for which student has basic preparation.

Prerequisite: approval of faculty

HUM 698 (4) Teaching Internship in Humanities

A prospective or practicing teacher will team with a faculty person at Minnesota State Mankato, at a community college, or in an area high school to deliver an interdisciplinary humanities course and enter into a formal contract that articulates the intern's responsibilities.