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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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College of Arts and Humanities
Department of Philosophy

227 Armstrong Hall

Philosophy courses at Minnesota State University can be taken as part of the cross-disciplinary studies program, or to supplement other disciplines.

Course Descriptions

PHIL 500 (3) The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant

This course will undertake a close reading and study of Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason and other texts.

PHIL 510 (3) Philosophy of Language

Theories of meaning, speech acts and semantics, relation of language to the world.

PHIL 537 (3) Contemporary Philosophy

Major philosophers and philosophies of the late 20th Century.

PHIL 540 (3) Philosophy of Law

Discussion of philosophical issues in law by way of connecting legal problems to well-developed and traditional problems in philosophy, e.g., in ethics, political philosophy, and epistemology, and investigates the philosophical underpinnings of the development of law. The course takes an analytical approach to law (as opposed to historical, sociological, political, or legalistic approaches) and devotes a substantial part of the semester to a major work on law written by a philosopher.

PHIL 545 (3) Feminist Philosophy

Study of philosophy done from a feminist perspective in areas such as metaphysics, epistemology or ethics.

PHIL 550 (3) Special Topics

Intensive study of a single philosopher or topic.

PHIL 555 (3) Existentialism & Phenomenology

In-depth analysis of major European existentialists such as Kierkegaard, Heidegger, and Sartre.

PHIL 560 (3) Philosophy of the Arts

Aesthetic principles, theories, and the creative process. Theories of visual arts, music, literature, dance, etc.

PHIL 565 (3) Philosophy of Film

This course investigates some of the central philosophical issues in our thinking about film, including questions about narrative, ontology, ethical criticism of film , the role of artistic intentions in interpretation, artistic medium, and the art/entertainment distinction

PHIL 574 (3) Philosophy of the Mind

The nature of consciousness, mind and body relations, and freedom of action.

PHIL 575 (3) Philosophical Issues in Cognitive Science

This course examines the conceptual and philosophical complexities of efforts to understand the mind in science. Topics include the differences and similarities between humans and other animals, the nature of psychological explanation, and reductive strategies for explaining consciousness, internationality and language.

PHIL 580 (3) Philosophy of Science

Nature of explanations, causality, theoretical entities, and selected problems.

PHIL 581 (3) Philosophy of Biology

This course examines conceptual and philosophical issues in biology, the nature and scope of biological explanation and conflicts between evolutionary and religious explanations for the origin of life.

PHIL 590 (1-6) Workshop

Special event of less than semester duration.

PHIL 591 (1-6) In-Service

PHIL 677 (1-6) Individual Study

Individual study of a philosopher or problem.

PHIL 691 (1-6) In-Service

Individual service project