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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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College of Science, Engineering and Technology

The Master of Science in Science Education is a program for students who wish to further their knowledge in a multidisciplinary manner within the science areas. The program offers flexibility for the junior high school and high school science teacher who desires a broad background in the sciences.

Teaching licensure is a prerequisite to pursuing this degree, which is for teachers interested in enrichment in a teaching area. This degree does not lead to initial teaching licensure. Students who desire initial licensure should consult the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. Please see the section concerning the MAT program that is listed in this bulletin.


Students must meet the admission requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and Research, and submit two letters of recommendations (one of which is their current principal or superintendent). The GRE is required.

Financial Assistance

Students are encouraged to contact an advisor about the availability of financial assistance through various science departments or Cultural Diversity assistantships.

Science Education MS


(Thesis Plan - 30 credits)
(Alternate Plan Paper - 34 credits)

Required Science Core (24 credits)

The program requires a minimum of 24 credits in science. The science credits, selected with the aid of an advisor, may be from the areas of astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, geology, mathematics, physics or environmental sciences. Credits must be earned in at least three of these disciplines with a minimum of 12 credits in one area. Within this program students may choose the thesis or the alternate plan.

Required Professional Education (6 credits)

Choose 6 credits of professional education courses in consultation with an advisor.

Required Thesis or Alternate Plan Paper

Students may elect to complete the thesis or alternate plan paper in any of the science areas listed above with the approval of their advisor.

  • 694 – Alternate Plan Paper (1-2)
  • 699 – Thesis (3-6)

In the alternate plan students must earn a minimum of 34 credits plus meet the alternate paper requirements outlined by their grad committee.