The Full Monty
Sept. 29-Oct. 1 & Oct. 6-9, 2016
Directed by Paul Hustoles
Scenic Design by John Paul
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

Costume Design by David McCarl

The Boys get ready to “Let It Go” in The Full Monty. From left are Gabriel Sell, Mitchell Evans,
Matthew Sather, Andrew Anderson, Daniel PaulJohn Laneand Mack Spotts-Falzone.


Jerry (Mathew Sather) tells Malcolm (Daniel PaulJohn Lane, middle) that a great way to end his life is with a “Big Ass Rock,”
while best friend Dave (Andrew Anderson) lends support.


Jerry (Matthew Sather) convinces the boys that they have all the right moves in “Michael Jordan’s Ball”
(with Daniel PaulJohn Lane, Andrew Anderson, Gabriel Sell, Mack Spotts-Falzone and Mitchell Evans).




Cast List

Jerry Lukowski                                                                                    Matthew Sather
Nathan Lukowski                                                                              Isaiah Miller      
Pam Lukowski                                                                Ashley D’Lyn Gunn
Teddy Slaughter                                                                                  Jake Jessup         
Dave Bukatinsky                                                                               Gabriel Sell         
Georgie Bukatinsky                                                             Erin Horst          
Harold Nichols                                                                 Andrew Anderson
Vickie Nichols                                                                           Emily Scinto     
Malcolm MacGreggor                                                   Daniel PaulJohn Lane
Molly MacGreggor                                                                             Alexis Vencill    
Ethan Girard                                                                         Mack Spotts-Falzone
Noah (Horse) T. Simmons                                                           Mitchell Evans
Jeanette Burmeister                                                                 Mikhayla Clausen
Buddy (Keno) Walsh                                          Tucker Brewster Schuster
Reg Willoughby                                                                                   Sal Frattallone
Tony Giordano                                                                                    Doni Marinos  


Estelle Genovese                                                                                Amanda Mai     
Susan Hershey                                                                         Ashley Ziegler
Joanie Lish                                                                                              Claire Clauson
Marty Fleischman                                                             Gary Scott DuCharme
Minister                                                                                                   Luke Steinborn
Dance Instructor                                                                                Cam Pederson
Sergeant                                                                                                   Billy Gleason    
Chorus                                                                                                       Jodie Bratager
Megan Fischer
Kyleen Smith