Trivia Through the Decades

Friday, October 27, 2023
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
CSU Ostrander

Enjoy a trivia night with your whole family on questions from Gen X to Gen Z. Play with your family and friends. Enjoy some desserts and refreshments. Sit back and relax to enjoy some questions related to TMZ, TikTok, boomboxes, cassette tapes, silly bandz, ZooPals, and much more! This is a free event!

Schedule for Themes

8:15 PM - MNSU Student Life through the decades
8:35PM - Education/Art/Sports
8:55 PM - Bonus Round (Speed Round)
9:10 PM - TV/Movies/Music
9:30 PM - Games/Yard Games/Video Games
9:55 PM -Wrap Up 

"I hope families, friends, and alumni come together to play a fun game of trivia. I would really like to see how much families taught their own kids about the tips and tricks, pop culture, and more during their decades." - Sophia Lee, Educational Entertainment Chair - Student Events Team


Sophia Lee