Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens are Minnesota residents that are age 62 or older.

Senior Citizens are charged a $20 per credit administrative fee plus minimal standard fees (as listed below) to attend "for credit" courses. If course is taken “for audit”, on a space available basis, there is no administrative fee per credit and most standard fees are not charged except for the health fee.

Course taken for credit will be charged:

  • $20 administrative fee per credit
  • Health Service fee per credit/band*
  • State-Wide Student Government fee per credit/band*
  • Technology fee per credit/band*
  • Student Union fee per credit/band*

Course taken for Audit will be charged:

  • Health Service fee per credit/band*

*See current fee amounts listed at Minnesota State Mankato Student Fees


Additional Materials or Personal Property Charges

Senior Citizens are also responsible for any additional materials or personal property charges for credit courses or audit courses.

More Information

For more information about Senior Citizen Charges and Fees, you may refer to the following online links: