Common Questions - Other

What is my StarID?

All students admitted to Minnesota State Mankato are assigned a StarID, an eight-character randomly-generated identifier formatted as two letters followed by four numbers followed by two letters. The StarID is used to log in to a number of student portals and University-managed sites, such as E-services, D2L Brightspace and MavMAIL.

You can find more information about your StarID at

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Direct deposit authorizations are created and updated on E-services. The Direct Deposit Setup screen can be accessed through either the Financial Aid menu or the Student Employment menu. Students are advised to review the information periodically to be sure the bank account information is still current and correct.

I lost my MavCARD. What do I do?

Since your MavCARD can serve a number of functions, there may be multiple immediate actions to take in order to minimize any potential financial loss. You can visit the MavCARD Lost Stolen page for a complete list. 
If you need to get a replacement MavCARD you can request one at the MavCARD Office during business hours and you will need to pay a $15 replacement fee to receive your new card.

Where is lost & found?

University Security’s Lost & Found Division located in Wiecking Center Room 222 is the main site. There are various lost and found locations across campus that serve as satellite lost & found sites. 

How do I get a transcript?

If you need an unofficial transcript, you can view and print one through E-services by selecting Get Academic Record, or you can request one from the Campus Hub through an Unofficial Transcript online form. Unofficial transcripts are provided free of charge.

To purchase an official transcript stamped with the University seal and signature of the Registrar, submit a request through the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering Center. This request process does not require a StarID and Password credential, allows for delivery to a third party, and provides tracking information.

Note: Schools within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system can utilize the eTranscript process to pull your transcript free of charge. Contact the school that needs your transcript to initiate this process.

More information about transcripts.

Does the campus provide a notary public service?

Yes, there are campus employees who are licensed Notaries Public, including the staff at the Campus Hub. Visit Notary Public  site for more information.

I want to be a full-time student. How many credits should I take?

As an undergraduate student working toward a Bachelor’s degree, you are considered a full-time student if you enroll in at least 12 credits each semester. However, keep in mind that most academic programs require a minimum of 120 credits to earn a degree which would take an average of 15 credits each fall & spring semester over four years. 

The University has a banded tuition rate for 12-18 undergraduate credits, so the cost is the same within that range; therefore, it can make good financial sense to enroll in at least 15-16 credits each semester to get more value from your tuition investment.

Another consideration related to financial aid if this applies to you: The Minnesota State Grant program requires a student enroll in 15 credits to receive the full grant award with lower amounts paid out at each credit below 15. Even at 12 credits, the amount of MN Grant dollars available to fund the same tuition cost could be significantly lower.

If you are a graduate student working toward a Master’s degree, the University considers you full-time if you are enrolled in at least six credits per semester.

Where can I find a job?

The job search and application process are available to enrolled students on the Career Development Center’s Handshake site, at

Where can I apply for graduate assistantships?

You can find available graduate assistant and teaching assistant positions on the Human Resources page at Refer to the each position’s Notice of Vacancy details for further guidance on how to apply.

I have a documented disability. Where can I find assistance?

Accessibility Resources staff provide support for students with disabilities. You can contact them by phone at 507-389-2825 or visit the office located in 132 Memorial Library. Additional information is provided online at

How can I get a temporary parking permit?

Temporary parking permits are available from University Security or from Facilities Services. Prices range from no charge to $20/week depending on the type of permit.

If you already purchased a parking permit that you cannot access because your vehicle is out of use (and your vehicle is not parked in a University lot), you can get a free temporary permit for a substitute vehicle that will carry the same privileges as your purchased permit.

If you need a temporary accessibility parking permit you can find more information about those requirements at

Residence hall students can request temporary permits for their guests from the front desk staff at each residence hall.

Guests attending a university meeting or conference should receive guidance from the host department on parking accommodations. Departments hosting special events are responsible for identifying parking needs through the University Conference Center to ensure adequate space will be available in the Visitors’ Paylot; alternate space will be assigned if needed.

A department may wish to provide free parking to special guests and may purchase Visitors’ Paylot passes. Note that these passes are for individual guests, not large groups attending special events; University students and employees are not eligible to use department-funded passes to obtain free parking in the Visitors’ Paylot.

How much does it cost to park in the Visitor’s pay lot?

Individuals may park in Lot 4 at the rate of $4 minimum (first hour), and $2 per hour thereafter. Find complete Visitor Parking Information at

Can I get a refund on my parking permit?

Yes. The refund amount will depend on the time of year. For instance, an academic year permit can be turned in within the first two weeks of fall semester for a full refund; after this time and through the first two weeks of spring semester, a partial refund is available. Summer term parking permits can be turned in through the first week of summer term for a full refund.

How do I get student professional liability insurance?

There are certain courses that will require you to carry student professional liability insurance coverage; when you enroll in one or more of these courses, you will be charged a one-time course fee of $8.00 for the semester.

What off campus housing choices are available?

You can find information about off campus housing through the Student Activities office, with online resources posted at

What type of meal plan options are available? 

Residential Life provides lots of information about meal plan options, including options for students living off campus, at

How can I change my meal plan?

Meal plan changes are coordinated through the Office of Residential Life, located in Room 111 Carkoski Commons. Keep in mind there are deadlines each semester for meal plan changes; more information is provided at

Who are the VA certifying officials on campus and where are they located?

The VA certifying officials are located within the Office of Registration and Academic Records, on the main level of the Wigley Administration Center, Room 132. Information about Veterans’ Certification, including contact information for the School Certifying Officials, is provided at

Does the campus provide any general support to veterans and if so where can I access those services?

Tim Adams, Military & Veterans Success Coordinator, and David Schrader, Veterans Outreach Officer, have offices in the Veterans Resource Center and provide services from this location, found on the main level of Centennial Student Union, Room 192.