General Enrollment Requirements

In general, eligibility for financial aid requires enrollment in courses that apply to a degree, certification or licensure.

  • Federal and state regulations allow the University to award financial aid for up to 30 remedial/developmental credits.
  • Courses taken toward an additional major or minor after a degree is earned usually do not qualify for most financial aid. Certain private educational loan options may be available.
  • Audited courses do not count toward a degree and are, therefore, ineligible for financial aid funding.
  • Credits earned by testing out of courses are also ineligible for financial aid funding.
  • Courses repeated more than once may not be eligible for financial aid funding.

Undergraduate Student Enrollment

Eligibility for financial aid may require full-time enrollment or may be prorated according to the following enrollment levels: 

Full-time                      12 or more credits

3/4-time                       9 credits through 11 credits

1/2-time                       6 credits through 8 credits

Less than 1/2-time       1 credit through 5 credits

Graduate Student Enrollment

A minimum of six graduate credits is required for financial aid eligibility, and the graduate student must be working toward completion of a degree or certificate program.