Student Authorization for Release of Information

Postsecondary students are provided data privacy protection that gives them the right to control the disclosure of their education records to the extent permitted by law. Minnesota State University, Mankato employees are not allowed to give out private student information to anyone but the student or other school officials having a legitimate educational interest; this information cannot be shared with parents, siblings, spouses and/or friends without the student’s express written authorization.

Students who wish to have others involved and able to access their university academic and/or financial records can designate these individuals through the Authorization for Release of Information form (PDF). Completed forms are submitted to the Campus Hub in person (prior to signing), or by mail or fax with notarized signature.

Important notes about the authorization form:

  • It must be filled out by the student.
  • It is voluntary, not required.
  • You may select any or all of the categories of information you wish to share with the authorized person(s).
  • One form may be used for more than one person if at the same address. If you wish to authorize persons at different addresses, please submit a separate form for each address.
  • It must be signed in the presence of Campus Hub or Student Financial Services staff, or your signature must be witnessed by a notary public - photo identification is required to verify your  signature - DO NOT SIGN IN ADVANCE
  • Your authorization may be started or stopped at any time by submitting an updated form.

Parents, Guardians, Friends, etc.

The Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, and University policies require that specific information related to a student’s educational records, including financial information, may not be shared with anyone (including parents and spouses) other than the student unless otherwise authorized by law. The laws do not consider age, so even if the student is under the age of 18, the privacy restrictions still apply.

Therefore, if you contact us on behalf of a student and that student has not provided written authorization for us to release his/her private information to you, we will be limited to providing general policy and/or procedure information only.

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