College of Arts and Humanities Internship Coordinators

The Following is the Internship Coordinators for the College of Arts and Humanities:

Art: Graphic Design

Dr. Gina Wenger
Office: Nelson Hall 136
Phone: 507-389-5484 

Communication Studies

Dr. Sachi Sekimoto
Office: Armstrong Hall 201 S
Phone: 507-389-2510

Mass Communication

Dr. Rachael Hanel
Office: Nelson Hall 136
Phone: 507-389-1247 

English: English/Technical Communication

Dr. Abigail Bakke
Office: Armstrong Hall 307D
Phone: 507-389-1035 

English/General Studies and Literature

Dr. Mathew Sewell
Office: Armstrong Hall 201 I
Phone: 507-389-1166

English/Creative Writing

Geoffrey Herbach
Office: Armstrong Hall 207 H
Phone: 507-389-5936

English/Speech Education - English Focus

Dr. Jacqueline Arnold
Office: Armstrong Hall 201 E
Phone: 507-389-2570 


Dr. Nancy Drescher
Office: Armstrong Hall 201H
Phone: 507-389-5504


Dr. Gwen Westerman
Office: Armstrong Hall 229F
Phone: 507-389-5508

World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Adriana Gordillo
Office: Armstrong Hall 229 A
Phone: 507-389-5527 

Music Industry

Dr. Michael Olson
Music Composition and Music Technology Professor
Office: Performing Arts 202
Phone: 507-389-2118

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Alisa Eimen
Office: Nelson Hall 114
Phone: 507-389-2886


Dr. Dick Liebendorfer
Office: Armstrong Hall 224A
Phone: 507-389-2317


Dr. Areca Roe
Office: Nelson Hall 121 
Phone: 507-389-5214 

Scandinavian Studies

Dr. Rennesa Jessup
Office: Armstrong Hall 218E
Phone: 507-389-2917

Theatre and Dance (internship, field study)

Dr. Paul Hustoles
Office: Performing Arts Center 201
Phone: 507-389-2118