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How to list in our database and our housing fair program.

Housing Database

Students and community members may submit listings for posting in the online housing database maintained by our office.

Non-students must pay a $10 listing fee before anything submitted will be posted online.

Our new Housing Database has officially launched!  This new database features a lot of improvements, including:

  • The ability to share up to five photos of the property being listed.
  • The ability to share information about current roommates that may help those looking be better informed.
  • The ability to share and view more information about the property that viewers have asked about, but which were not enabled.
  • An all-around much more user-friendly experience and appearance.

Submissions may be made online.  One form is required for each listing.  Please visit this site to complete and submit the online form

In the new form, there are instructions for photo uploading, but, so that you may be better prepared with any photos you’d like to submit, here are the instructions:

The database will allow for up to five (5) photos to be included with the listing.  If you would like to include photos, please upload them to this folder

Photos deemed inappropriate may not be included in the listing.  If individuals are featured in any of the photos, you are responsible for ensuring that they approve of their image being used and featured on a publicly available website. Please indicate, in the file name, the photo that you would like to have featured as the "Cover Photo" of the listing by putting "Cover Photo" in the name.  Please save all photos with your first initial and last name in the file name: Examples:  "R Smith Cover Photo" "R Smith pic 2" "B Jones Pic 4"

Apartment Complex Program

Listings posted in our "House Finder" will automatically be deleted 90 days after their initial posting.

  • A table, lunch, and parking for three housing fairs held in October, January, and March.
  • Listing on the apartment complex list, which is made available to students and non-students on our website and in our office.
  • The ability to stock brochure holders in our office with brochures and materials.

Enrollment is accepted on a space available basis (so that we can guarantee a booth at the housing fairs), beginning in late October, and priority is given to renewing partners.

For more information, call 507-389-6076, or email us.

Bulletin Board Advertising

A bulletin board, located outside CSU 173, may be utilized by anyone free of charge. A flyer may be posted on the board. The board will be cleaned off on the first day of each month. Those wishing to take advantage of this opportunity must bring the flyer and post it on their own.

Do not email us asking us to print flyers for you, as we will not do this.