Sussana Machinga, Student Service Coordinator: McElroy

| Graduate Assistant

Address: 111 Carkoski Commons, Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507-389-2733

Education: I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Counseling and Student Personnel. Previously, I attended Minnesota State University, Mankato, where I earned my B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Mass Media. My future goal is to do a PsyD with an emphasis on forensics.

What I like about being an SSC: I enjoy being an SSC because it is a nice balance between administrative work and student engagement. I have appreciated the wide variety of skills I have been able to refine. The best part of the job for me is supervising the Desk Assistant, being able to pour into their professional life and kind of help prepare them for life after college.

Student Connection: Besides supervising the Desk Assistants, being able to still work closely with the residents is amazing. I have learned words from different languages, tasted food from different parts of the world, learned the histories of families, and so much more, just by interacting with the students. I have met people from different walks of life, including some president’s grandkids. I’ve gotten many laugh sessions from students too, which is also a highlight.

Professional Development: In the few months I have been here I have grown professionally to a whole different level. I have learnt how to be a successful supervisor, gained a lot of tech skills, and many other skills I didn’t even know I needed. This job has definitely helped make me a contender wherever I go next.

Position Balance and Academics: In the beginning I had a pretty rough time trying to figure it all out, but another great thing about this job is the amazingly supportive staff I get to work with. They helped me come up with ways I could get on track and tips and tricks to help me be able to balance everything better. They support me being a student first and then work on me being good at my job, and when you’ve reached being good at the job they challenge you to go even further and be exceptional.

My Professional Dream: I want to be a forensic psychologist as well as the dream of eventually going back to my homeland, Zimbabwe, to introduce forensic psychology there and get rid of as much corruption as possible while providing psychoeducation and mental health awareness to both Zimbabwe and other African countries.

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