Torin Akey, Associate Director

Address: 111 Carkoski Commons, Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507-389-1011

Education: MS: College Student Personnel, Miami University; BBA: Business, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Previous Positions: Complex Director  (Minnesota State University, Mankato); Hall Director (Iowa State University); Assistant First-Year Advisor (Miami University).

What I like about being a Maverick: There are several reasons why this is my 25th year being a Maverick! First, the opportunities to be intentional when creating systems (from an idea through implementation) to better meet the changing needs of our students and the evolving needs of our staff team.  Second, I value the "what would it take" approach we utilize in our department to best serve students and I appreciate the opportunities to have a "seat at the table" in campus decision making.  Finally, I fully embrace our commitment to the “40-hour work week and I believe our mission of an “actively engaged staff” strategically makes an impact on student success. 

Professional Development/Involvement/Interests: In December of 2020 my three year term (Vice President, President, Past President) for UMR-ACUHO came to a close and I remain grateful for the opportunity to serve our region in that capacity.  In 2019 I was on a sabbatical that included visiting many campuses to learn processes, structures, and strategies utilized to impact the experiences of students and staff.  During the summer of 2017 I had the honor of serving as a RELI faculty member and in 2015-2016 participated in the City of Mankato Leadership Institute.  I have an increased knowledge in how we can intentionally support the success of our students and I look forward to my conversations with parents each summer during Orientation.

Hobbies: Running at least 1.5 miles every day and training for an occasional 10K or ½ Marathon, playing with my 2 Goldendoodles and 1 German Shorthaired Pointer, supporting my kids in a variety of their high school and college athletic pursuits, and cheering on Wisconsin sport teams!


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