Summer Housing Eligibility

Requirements differ based on where the student lived spring semester.

Where do you currently live?

I currently live in Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy, or Preska

I currently live in Stadium Heights

Main Campus

  • You must be enrolled in at least one summer course to be eligible for summer housing.
  • Eligibility for interim housing is contingent on an adjacent term housing contract. Interim housing is a bridge between semester housing and the next term (for example, spring to summer or summer to fall).
    • Interim 1 housing is available for students living in the residence communities Spring Semester 2022 who are enrolled in a summer course.
    • Interim 2 housing is available for students who have a 2022-2023 housing contract and are enrolled in a summer course.

Stadium Heights

  • Residents of Stadium Heights Residence Community as of Friday, March 4, 2022 are eligible to stay in their current apartment until noon (12 p.m.) August 1, 2022 for a reduced rate.
  • Stadium Heights residents who meet the above criteria are not required to be enrolled in a summer course.
  • Residents who completed a room change to Stadium Heights after March 4 are not eligible for the reduced rate housing. They may still register for summer housing but will pay the weekly rate.