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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Find a Mentor

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Having trouble finding a mentor? You're not alone.

Here's some advice from students who have successfully found faculty mentor.

1. Sign up on ScholarBridge

  • ScholarBridge is a free, online network where professors can post their availability to mentor students, and students can search the database for professors and opportunities. Start by going to ScholarBridge and creating a free account!

2. Talk to your professors.

  • It may seem obvious, but to many students it doesn't occur to them in class.Typically, professors love talking about their scholarship, even if for only a few minutes after class or during office hours or by appointment. If you find a topic covered in your class that intrigues you, ask your professor if that's an area that she or he is interested in. If not, it's at least a starting point for a conversation about opportunities, and you may get some leads to others who are doing research in related areas.

3. Check with your advisor

  • They may have scholarship opportunities, or they may know somebody who does.

4. Ask your peers

  • Your classmates make great resources! They may know of some professors who are great to work with or they may have heard of any openings on research teams.

5. Use the internet

  • Check department sites. They will often highlight research areas; these may be research teams within or across departments. Read up on different professors under faculty links on a departmental web page. You can find out about research interests of faculty by reading their bios, descriptions of their research, or publications. Once you have found somebody who is doing research that is of interest to you, send them an email. Be sure to include information about yourself (past research and class experiences) and why their particular project is of great interest to you.
Remember: conducting research with undergraduate students is mutually beneficial and professors are often seeking you as well! Stay persistent and be creative.