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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Help for Survivors

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  • Always take care of yourself. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family.

  • If you can, firmly communicate with the stalker that the attention is unwanted and you want it to stop. The stalker only needs to be told this once. If you continue to communicate with the stalker, even if it is to tell her or him to stop, the stalker can miscommunicate it as there being hope for a relationship.

  • Keep a journal or notebook to write down specific information about the stalker and events. Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers to keep a log as well with any interactions they have with the stalker. It is useful to write down information such as:

    • Information about the stalker - name or any physical features if you have that information.

    • Any gifts, letters, emails, text messages, or anything received from the stalker.

    • The date, time, and location of any interaction you have with the stalker. This includes seeing the stalker in the same place as you, even if you do not speak with the stalker.

    • Any witnesses who may have seen the stalker around.

    • Anything else that may be relevant.

  • Let friends, family, roommates, neighbors, and co-workers know to not give out any personal information about you to anyone without your permission. The stalker will use friends, family, and co-workers to gain information about you. 

  • Create a safety plan to remove yourself and others from a potentially harmful situation. It should include where to go, who you will contact, etc.

Additional resources to keep you informed. 

The Stalking Resource Center's pamphlet provides definitions, statistics, and ways to develop a safety plan. Click here for the safety plan.

Familiarize yourself with the University's security policies: MSU Security's Personal Safety and MSU's list of policies.

Know your rights under the law. Visit our Educational Resources page. 

Contact On-Campus Resources and Off-Campus Resources

Contact the Violence Awareness and Response Coordinator at 507-389-5127.