Enterprise Rent-A-Car Contract

Page address: https://www.mnsu.edu/vehicles/rental_contract.html

State of Minnesota Supplemental Vehicle Rental Contract

Minnesota State University, Mankato has the opportunity to offer state owned vehicles for state travel needs by administration, faculty, staff and students who are on University business. 

Circumstances may arise when state vehicles are not available or are not authorized for usage, see policies and procedures section. The State of Minnesota has a supplemental contract available with Enterprise vehicle rental when our state vehicles are not available for our faculty and staff. [PDF] vehicles/enterpriseprocedures11_12_14word.pdf (475 KiB)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car will accept the Minnesota State University, Mankato department assigned Wells Fargo Purchasing Card for University approved travel with a Enterprise rental and for the purchase of fuel for the Enterprise vehicle for faculty, staff and administration if the usage coincides with the fuel charges.  The Enterprise rental must be paid at the time of vehicle pickup do not have them bill Minnesota State Univerisity, Mankato. 

 [PDF] vehicles/v-52_5_enterprise_contract_thru_oct2015.pdf (227 KiB)

The State of Minnesota has an opportunity to utilize a state contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, contract release number V-52(5).  This supplemental contract for rental vehicles, when state vehicles are not available, must be used by state agencies faculty, staff and administration for a vehicle rental that is "initiated" in the State of Minnesota or other locations as listed on the contract release while on state business.

You should directly contact Enterprise Rent-A-Car Mankato office, 507-388-8865, to request an Enterprise rental vehicle for your state business needs.  Your Minnesota State University, Mankato Department Purchasing Mastercard should be used for these reservation requests. Fuel may be charged to the same University Department Mastercard if rental charges are within same reconciliation timeframe.

Please review the later part of the contract : 

If a need arises where the traveler must pick up the Enterprise rental vehicle prior to the start of business travel, the Enterprise "Quickstart Program" allows for some cost reduction rather than paying a full day's rental fee. This is explained on page 16 within the Enterprise Contract.

Upon request, Enterprise will charge a $10.00 per rental "Quickstart" fee (which will show on the invoice as an "other" fee) for vehicles that are made available after 4:00 PM and the charges are suspended until the time of departure that evening or the following morning, no later than the time at which that Enterprise rental location opens.

All rentals from Enterprise may only be used for State business as per the terms and conditions of the Contract.

This link http://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/deeplinkmap.do?bid=002&cust=XZ19113 was designed by Enterprise and will assist you with your out of state travel with Enterprise rental "on-line".  This link should be used when you have an out-of-state travel need with Enterprise.  It properly pulls up the contracted rates and reviews contracted information so that additional rates will not be charged to your invoice.

Due to the high liability exposure for the services on the contract, state agenices are required to use the contract unless an exception is granted by the AMS (Acquisition Management Specialist) listed on the state contract when having to rent vehicles other than MSU, Mankato state vehicles.  It is recommended to utilize Enterprise contract when extensive out of state travel is needed.

  • 15 passenger vans are not permitted to be rented.
  • Do not use a personal 15 passenger van or camper to transport other employees or students on MnSCU business.