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The Front Street Project Phone Line

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A number of people have been kind enough to record their memories of Front Street on our project phone line.  Their recordings are presented below.  We thank the callers for their delightful musings and invite all of you to call (507) 389-5537 to record your own memories.  The process is easy and, we hope, enjoyable.  Thanks!

**Note--Most recent calls appear at top of list...

Olga:  "I hope Mankato will develop a more authentic place, like we used to have..."

**Note, In her call Olga discusses the Century Club, which was located in Lower North Mankato until the early 1980s

Bud:  "One of our favorite places was called the Club Royal..."

Debbie:  "Brett's had a very nice hair salon..."

Max:  "We made our own buns..."

Mark (From Once Read Bookstore):  "I came to Mankato in 1975..."

Norma:  "It seems that things are so different now but, again, still so much the same..."

William:  "The girls were cute, and the hot beefs were good..."

Susan:  "It's ok now, but there are too many bars..."

Glen:  "I drove for the Royal Cab Company..."

Char:  I worked at Kresge's for nine years, it was quite an experience..."

Gene:  "Front memory lane..."

Olga:  "We could have made Mankato a prettier place"

Jim:  "We had a gang called the Nitwit Patrol..."

Gene:  "I always considered her the spirit of the S & L corner..."

Joan:  "I remember a huge basket of bananas hanging from the ceiling of Annie's store..."

Jim:  "It was the summer of 1959..."

Al:  "There's not a time I drive around Front Street that I don't think about what a mistake this was..."

Anonymous:  "Why don't we put it back the way it was..."