Wellnes Committee - Event
Mini Shape-Up Challenge Fall 2001 - Sept 10th (6 weeks)

Men's Health Week - Sept. 24th - 28th

All faculty and staff are invited to participate in a 3v3 basketball tournament that will start on the 26th of September. Play will start at 12:10 and end at 12:30. It will be a round-robin tourney, half-court, with 20 minute games. To register please call matt at 2068 or email ramona at ramona.callahan@mnsu.edu.

Include the coach's name, phone number, and office location. Registration ends on the 25th, no late registrations will be accepted. Reminder: teams of 3, and women are encouraged to play. The length of the tournament is determined by the number of teams.

Taking Control of Prostate Cancer
Sept 2001 is Prostate Awareness Month
Get Going - Walk Your Way To Health
Get Going
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