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Nutrition Tips for the Holidays

One holiday tradition you don't have to follow this year is putting on extra pounds. On average, Americans gain seven pounds during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So the Wellness Committee, with the help of Health Services, has put together this informational to help you get through the holiday season without putting on too much weight.

  • Make it a goal to maintain your weight, not lose weight during the holiday season.
  • Enjoy, but don't overdo it. Eat the food you love, but try to do it in smaller portions.
  • Plan ahead - trim portion sizes at meals and snacks a few days before and after big holiday meals.
  • Make calories count - if eggnog's not your favorite, skip it. Instead, spend those calories on delectable foods you really want.
  • Just say no to seconds.
  • Just a few handfuls of tabletop snacks during cocktail hour can add up to several hundred calories - and that's before dinner.
  • Cut calories from alcohol - choose light beer or a glass of dry wine instead of creamy blended drinks.
  • Keep exercising over the holidays - try to total thirty minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

Munching Calories
3 Thsp. mixed nuts 525
1 small bag M&M's 230
2 chocolate chip cookies 500
1 oz. homemade fudge 64
2 sugar cookies 142
2 oz. peanut brittle 256
1 cup ice cream 356
1 cup frozen yogurt 200
1/8 piece of apple pie 410
Alcohol Calories
12 oz. beer 140-150
12 oz. light beer 95-105
4 oz. red wine 90-120
4 oz. white wine 80-120
1.5 oz. shot of liquor 100
8 oz. blender drink 485
4 oz. eggnog 335
6 oz. peppermint patty 212
12 oz. pop/soda 150
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