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Mini Shape-Up Challenge 2001 -
Feb 12th - March 23rd

The Highway to Health Wellness program will help motivate you to exercise and improve your wellness habits!! This 6 week program will enable you to monitor cardiovascular minutes, strength training, and fruit and vegetable consumption.

This program is an excellent way to begin down the road to physical and mental well-being!

Teams of four or more will average their points in an attempt to reach four destinations --

1. The Statue of Liberty in New York - 800 miles
2. Disney World in Florida - 1,800 miles
3. The Rocky Mountains in Colorado - 2,700 miles
4. The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington - 3,600 miles

Miles/points are an approximate representation of one half of actual mileage.


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

Come join the Highway to Health participants and the Wellness Committee as they celebrate the completion of the 6 week Highway to Health wellness program. Faculty and Staff have exercised, weight trained and eaten (fruits and vegetables) their way to destinations around the US, and are having a celebration luncheon this Thursday, March 29, from 12-1pm in the CSU North Ballroom. Come to congratulate the team members, add a suggestion or idea to the Wellness Committee's suggestion box, and check out the Wellness Committee's new logo. Questions? Call Ramona @ 389-2068. Hope to see you there!!!!

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